The Upcoming Legal Battle Between Kickstarter and Artistshare


         Things are picking up in the case between Kickstarter, Inc. and ArtistShare, Inc. and Fan Funded, LLC which should determine whether Kickstarter is infringing on ArtistShare and Fan Funded’s crowdfunding software patent, or if ArtistShare and Fan Funded LLC are just being over-aggressive strong-armed salesmen.        Kickstarter, Inc. recently […]

$450 million Cablevision Class Action Lawsuit Allowed to Proceed on Breach of Contract Claim


           A Federal Court Judge in Central Islip held Wednesday that a group of Cablevision subscribers who filed a $450 million dollar class action lawsuit against Cablevision after they were denied the opportunity to watch part of the 2010 World Series were allowed to proceed with their breach of contract claim […]

McDonalds Hot Coffee Lawsuit Movie Makes Hot Splash at Sundance, Sparks Tort Reform Discussion

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We’ve all heard about the lawsuit filed many years ago by a woman who spilled McDonalds coffee on her lap and sued, winning a $2.7 million verdict. Stella Liebeck became to some a symbol of everything wrong with the American legal system, where individuals refuse to accept responsibility for their actions and instead file frivolous […]

Cablevision Customers File $450 Million Class Action Lawsuit over Fox Channel Blackout


Cablevision customers Julia Gallo, Andrew Koplik and Dorothy Rabsey filed a class action lawsuit on Tuesday on behalf of over 3 million Cablevision subscribers against Cablevision, claiming its negotiation strategy with Fox caused a material and substantial detriment to its customers, to the tune of almost half a billion dollars. On October 16, 2010, Cablevision […]

Bride & Groom Sue for Breach of Contract and Damages: What Duty Does a Professional Photographer Have With Respect to the Quality of Images Provided to His or Her Clients?


Joseph Andreani and his fiancée hired Romeo Creations, Ltd., to videotape and photograph their wedding.   Before entering into an agreement, they were shown the photographer’s sample wedding albums, which displayed a level of photographic skill with which they were satisfied.  Pursuant to the contract entered into between the parties, Romeo Creations, Ltd., was to provide […]

What is an Article 78 Proceeding, and How Do I Bring One?

Murtha Law FIrm

What is Article 78? Article 78 is the article of the Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR), which establishes the procedure for challenging the determinations of administrative agencies, public bodies or officers. These include every court, tribunal, board, corporation, officer, or other person, or aggregation of persons (CPLR 7802 [a]). Properly stated, Article 78 provides […]