T&T Gunnery: Nassau County Gun Store Raid Update

Tretola Defendants' Trial Brief

  For previous case details, see this post. Here’s a quick update on the case. Settlement negotiations have stalled, even though the defendants (County of Nassau, Police Officer Faltings, et al) have offered six figures to settle. Yes, that’s right. Nassau County is essentially admitting it was at fault for the botched gun store raid, […]

What Was Really Behind Nassau County’s Gun Store Raids?


12/8/11 EDIT: Here’s a recent update on the case. Nassau County raided four Gun Shops in a $80,000 tax-payer funded sting operation on Wednesday. The owners and employees were arrested and charged with selling illegal “assault weapons” to undercover Nassau County investigators. All of the owners insist that they were following the law. Martin Tretola, […]