Some Comments on the Nancy Genovese Case

There’s been a great deal of response to the Nancy Genovese case, mostly support for Nancy, and a great deal of suspicions and unanswered questions as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most polarizing issues from Nancy’s side of the story (and yes, the story told is clearly Nancy’s version of the events, as we have not yet significantly heard from anyone else), and try to clear up some unanswered questions. If there’s additional issues not addressed, please leave a comment below.

For a review of the Nancy Genovese case, view the original article here:

  • Comment 1: “What did she expect? She was driving around with $13,000 in cash and an assault weapon, and she stopped at an airport?”
  • Nancy Genovese was driving home from the range when she stopped to take a photograph, and she did have a rifle in her car. It was not an “assault weapon”. Assault weapons are illegal in New York. Regardless of your personal views on firearms, it is important to remember that it is perfectly legal to drive around with an unloaded rifle in a locked case. Whether it’s “smart” or not doesn’t matter, as I’m sure we can all agree that a police officer cannot arrest you for failing to be “smart”. Yes, she also had a large amount of cash on her. Again, not a crime. Perfectly legal to do so. Keep in mind that the officer did not KNOW that Nancy Genovese had either of these in her car until after she was already illegally detained, and after an illegal search of her car was performed. All the officer knew before detaining nancy was that a woman was taking pictures of a tourist attraction outside of the airport.
  • Comment 2: “She should know better, taking pictures of an airport.” “I heard it wasn’t an airport, that it was a military base.” “I heard there were signs warning her not to take pictures”.
  • Gabreski Airport is a general aviation airport owned by Suffolk County and open to the public. It is utilized by private aviation, corporate flights, and air taxi services. It is also home to the 106th Rescue Wing of the Air National Guard. Nancy Genovese was detained and arrested outside the main entrance to the public airport, on Old Riverhead Road, on public property, directly in front of a helicopter shell placed at the airport entrance for the sole purpose of attracting tourists (green arrow pointing to the helicopter display above). There are no signs warning the public from taking pictures, and in fact, why would you set up a helicopter shell by the roadway to attract visitors if you don’t want pictures taken? Another point that is important to remember is that it is perfectly legal to take pictures of an airport or military base from public property. Posting a “no photos” sign does not diminish your constitutional rights.
  • COMMENT 3: “I heard she was caught snooping around there before, and they told her not to come back”.
  • Nancy Genovese denies that she was ever previously warned by anyone not to visit the airport, and insists that Undersheriff Caracappa is lying. Even if Undersheriff Caracappa’s version of what happened was 100% true, Nancy still did nothing wrong. When she was arrested, she was on public property. No one in that airport can prevent Nancy Genovese from standing or travelling on public property.
  • COMMENT 4: “She was held down and given mystery shots in jail? Sounds more like the x files to me.”
  • While I am unsure of Suffolk County’s exact procedures, it is not uncommon for inmates to receive mandatory flu shots and hepatitis vaccinations to help limit the spread of infectious diseases while behind bars. Given Nancy’s situation, I’m sure it only served to heighten her fear of what was happening to her.
  • COMMENT 5: “I heard at her arraignment she completely flipped out in court and acted hysterical.”
  • While Nancy Genovese denies this, I can’t help but think that if anyone was held against their will for several days for doing nothing wrong while suffering the treatment that Nancy had, they just might break down by that point too.

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  1. Ann says

    There is no way that should be allowed to be “explained” away; it is not frivolous! It is not an unfortunate incident. All things considered, we are still in America with our Constitution and Bill of Rights intact! How can this be considered acceptable?

    • Connie says

      This is horrendous from beginning to end of story. If this happened to me or one of my loved ones, I would sue every person involved (cops; nurses; etc.) plus every agency I could who made my life a living hell on that day & since. I think the things that bothers me most is: #1) where’s my money & other belongings that they took from my car; # 2) what shots were I given in jail; # 3) why wasn’t I given the right to place a phone call? I hope that she’s got a competent attorney who will win tons of money for her. I’m sure that she will suffer from PTSD; nightmares; stress; depression & lots more before this is over. Best of luck to her during this lawsuit. I hope she realizes that alot of people are on her side.

  2. suzi says

    was she scouting out Fema Camps for Glen Beck ?

    that 13,000 in cash that she claims she had ? Did she pay taxes on it ? was there a withdrawl slip from her bank?

    Something went wrong somewhere in this story , she was able to call her sons and than something must of happened from there?

  3. Don Beggs says

    Citizens of the great “republic” and Grand Old Party, I cannot believe this story is not a report on justice not served in Babylon IRAQ – Not the U S of A? I have experienced the joy of visiting Cuba and travelling freely and extensively from north to south, over their safe and happy island. Y’all know, that “undemocratic nation”, which is such threat to the freedom of the Great Bully to its north west? Yet, strangely I have never seen or heard of any mistreatment of an innocent law abiding Cuban citizen as horrendous as this outrage against one of your own. I took hundreds of pictures there of numerous national edifices, including, statues and posters venerating the Cuban Five, unjustly incarcerated martyrs – no doubt being tortured- in an American jail. Nothing there even remotely resembled the revolting story you have so nobly and courageously posted. I shudder to think what must be happening all across your “democratic” land to good American citizens in the land of the free and the home of the “brave” cops.
    Obama’s dismissed preacher might have had a point.

    • Gary says

      Ask any who survived the Bay of Pigs that question. Oh! Never mind…..they were executed a long time ago.

      • Harry Johnson says

        And what would happen in America, if someone landed on our soil with the support of a foreign government in an attempt to overthrow our government? Just wonderin’

        • Nancy too says

          It is called selective justice. Some can get away with nothing. Others can do as they please. Those w access to thngs that they should not have access to. Such as banks & federal agencies incl. the treasury. They can buy anything incl our rights as Americans.

  4. Dave says

    Ann said it right “here is no way that should be allowed to be “explained” away; it is not frivolous! It is not an unfortunate incident. All things considered, we are still in America with our Constitution and Bill of Rights intact! How can this be considered acceptable?”

    If Nancy Genovese is telling the truth, then there should be a investigation into the police department for more of these civil right violations. The police officers involved should be fired and barred from ever being in law enforcement again. The officer who arrested her should go to prison for his actions also. If you even just push on a police officer with the tip of your finger you can go to ail for assaulting a police officer. The law should go both ways. A law enforcement officer should never be allowed to touch you unless there is reasonable concern for his or her safety or if they are making and arrest and then there should be reasonable cause for the arrest and if later it is proven there was no reasonable cause for arrest then the officer should face criminal charges of assault.There are many fine law enforcement officers but because they are human there are bound to be bad ones who abuse their powers. Law enforcement officers should be paid more and required to pass a more stringent psychological evaluation before given a gun and a badge. We have and a lost some of our freedom in this country after 9/11 and that should never have happened. I know some will say we gave it up for our safety but tell that to the men and women who died and or were wounded to protect our freedom from those who wanted to take it from us. thousands of men died storming the beach in France on D-Day to protect our way of life,would you stand before them as they where about to go to battle and tell them they were about to die and it was going to be in vain because a bunch of scared cowards in the future would give up our freedom to “feel” safe and the key word here is “feel”. should we have just surrendered to Germany or Japan so we would not get hurt? that is not freedom, freedom is not free, it cost lives and a constant threat from outside. So we give up a little freedom today to feel safe and more tomorrow to feel safer and then we wake up and have no freedom. In the words of Patrick Henry ” GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH” The United States of America is a nation of the free and was so founded as one, if your not willing to fight for that freedom or desire it then you should leave this country and live in a country that has no freedom and controls your every move.

    • Nancy says

      Suffolk County Police are not knowlwdgable of the law. Being chosen not by their qualifications to be good officers. Chosen by the upper level cops. Who prefer followers that they can control. Due to how corruption is rampant in Suffolk NY. Not only police. It is every where. Not one honest one among the entire workforce.

      • Chuck Regnier says

        Police officer’s are not hired for their intelligantce . They are hired to follow DEPARTMENT GUIDLINES, That is why I have been arrested twice in less thaqn a year. I’m 68 Y.O. Never been arrested for anything other than a misdemeaner,/ traffic offence. A former deputy sheriff, citry Marshell, correctonal officer/ prison guard. The police of today have no common sence. they have departmental guidline’s. I hope this case will wake someone up & serve as a notice to use your head instead of Department regulation’s.

        • BWB says

          Chuck, it was mentioned previous on a reply, but I need to add it to yours as well. YOUR AN *****! This is obviously not a case of following dept. guidelines. I know this this because I am a Peace Officer in TX and HAVE the common sense you so inadvertently throw of us not having. This is a direct case of Law Enforcement officers giving those of us that give a crap, a bad name and committing willful and blaitant criminal acts and their administration condones it!!!!! I have been policing for 13 years and am just floored to hear that a citizen would be treated in this manner. A gun and badge does not a GOD create!!!

  5. Tony Partlow says

    Here in Helena, MT we have a UH-1 on a pedestal at one corner of the airport and people from around the country and Canada take pictures all the time. But no one has ever been arrested for being a terrorist. I suggest that all officers involved in this matter take classes on how to treat the public and leave your political views at home.

  6. Sarah L. McCloud says

    I’m behind Nancy Genovese 100% !!! All the police that were there ACTED LIKE JACK ASS – NOT GENTELMEN!!!! And I believe her story – and she should NOT STOP HER CASE!


    Sound to me those COPS / Police / FBI = were all DEMO-CRAPPY’S!!
    And no matter what – your gonna end up being the lier!!!

      • Harry Johnson says

        As opposed to the republifeces who wrecked this country under the spoiled fratboy bushjunior?

        • Koba says

          Not to mention the current POTUS that hasn’t fixed anything and has drove us into the ground even more? If you’re going to start assigning blame, make sure it goes all the way around and stop talking like you’re 12.

  7. Stickinthemud says

    Something stinks about her story. First we hear she parked across the road and walked over to take a picture. Then it says she took the picture from her car. She claims the cop took her camera but in an effort to prevent him from damaging the camera she removed the memory card. How could that possibly prevent damage to the camera? How did her sons find out she was detained in time to appear on the scene? What was the cause of the wound to her ankle earlier in the day? The police believed it to be a knife wound. If it wasn’t then for heavens sake tell us what caused it. Who carries $13000 around in cash? Are you telling me the tuition couldn’t be paid any other (safer) way? One line states she had approximately $13000 then another line states $5300 of the $13000 was missing. Was it approximately or not? What did the glove compartment contain that was worth stealing more than the cash? Nancy claims that she was never warned to “stay away”from a public area outside a tourist attraction. Pretty specific answer there. Were there areas she was warned to stay away from and if so … why? I think there is a history with this woman that we haven’t heard because we are only hearing her side of this story.

    • Jeramiah Townsend says

      All your questions are EASILY answerable with simple logic…

      (1) problem #1 taking pictures from car and while walking across the street. Haven’t you ever taken pictures? I have. When I take pictures I take a lot. From my car, walking up to an object. Walking away, and back in my car. It’s NORMAL to take lots of pictures, especially with today’s digital cameras.

      (2) She probably removed the digital card to protect it from being erased, as has been documented in other similar police seizures.

      (3) How did her sons find out where she was? She probably called them using her cell phone while the officer went back to his car to run her information.

      (4) She hurt her ankle earlier in the day. It could have been anything. Haven’t you ever gotten a cut? Because she has a cut does not make her guilty of a crime.

      (5) She had a lot of cash. I know people who only pay in cash because they don’t trust the banking system. And yes, they have even bought cars and other high dollar items using cash.

      (6) not using the word “approximately” twice. The article already stated she had about 13k. It doesn’t have to continually refer to it as “approximately 13k”. Her not knowing the EXACT amount is not unusual. Most people don’t know exactly how much cash they carry. That’s why people check their wallets to see if they have cash. She probably pulled out a bunch of cash for paying her big bills and didn’t know how much other dollars were in her purse at the time.

      (7) The fact that the glove compartment was suddenly empty is odd. What it contained is of no business of ours.

      (8) the article states that Nancy was never warned to “stay away” and does not specifically state an outside tourist attraction. It was an editors note that include the details. This may be hearsay, and not a direct reference from the lady. You have included details that do not necessarily exist. Either way, earlier in the article it states she was never told to stay away AND there is no evidence to corroborate the police’s story.

      As you can see… your arguments easily fall apart. There is no LEGAL reason for the police’s actions. Especially in light that the FEDS and the AIRPORT said nothing about her actions were terroristic. It was only AFTER the FEDS and the AIRPORT officials left that the cops arrested her. This only brings more guilt to the cops door step.

      • gracie says

        The only issue with this is that these are all claims from Nancy. You keep referring to “the article,” I’m assuming you mean this article; I can’t exactly trust such an extremely biased article. I have no idea what happened, I really can’t find anything on it other than biased articles; supporting both sides, but her claims seem a little far fetched. I’m not saying that they are, but they seem a little outrageous to me. The article never states for fact that she wasn’t warned to stay away. Guards at the airport agreed with this statement, saying that they have spotted her before, told her to stay away, ad even recognized her car.

        Just a warning: My following opinion will probably be completely disagreed with.
        However, was she was doing something wrong or not? I don’t know, you don’t know. Maybe it was all just a coincidence, but maybe it wasn’t. If she was treated the way she claimed she was, then fine, sue them. But I highly highly doubt it. Her claims are outrageous and I have a hard time believing them. That issue aside, as an American, I have absolutely no problem with being searched. If they search a million people, and only ONE of them have plans to engage in terrorist activity, then I will GLADLY be one of those 999,999 people who have to be searched to prevent that one person.

        • Big Gay Al says

          I have a HUGE problem with being unlawfully searched. Without probably cause, it’s a violation of my rights.

          This is just one more case of government thugs run amok. When I consider all the other police abuse cases I’ve heard and read over time, I feel it’s high time we take a closer look at who, exactly we’re hiring to be law enforcement officers.

          Just remember Ben Franklin, They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

        • Jeramiah Townsend says


          Yes, This is a one sided argument. The article specifically states this. the Entire article can be found at:

          I agree it seems far fetched, (At least all freedom loving people hope it is far fetched), but we can only make a decision based on the evidence before us. And there is not enough evidence in the article to say one way or another.

          I also read the article at:

          This second article states that a shotgun and Rifle were in the front seat of her car. I wonder if the article is accurate. The only statements in the article were from the Sheriffs dept. that made allegations against her, including arrest for trespassing, something she says she did not do.

          Always hear both sides of the story before you make a conclusion.

        • Jones says

          You are completely brainwashed. Do you realize you have a better chance of dying from a bee sting than from a terrorist attack? You despise the very rights that American troops have fought and died for. You spit on the fourth amendment specifically. How sad. When they begin performing random body cavity searches to “keep us safe from terrorism”, it seems you will gladly be the first one in line.

      • Robin says

        I totally beleave this story and everything she said that happen to her. I have also gone through this sort of thing not to the extent that she went through but although the same, I was wrongfully aressted and or detained. I was treated without regard to human respect or civil rights, with my local police department, then again wit I.N.S. in London when I went to visit my husband at the time. It does not matter how much money she had on her, we as americans should be able to carry as much as we want, weather be the smart thing or not. And who said anything about taxes, maybe she just took it out of the bank or got her tax return! I hope she her lawsuit and get everything she ask for! She deserves it and maybe it will teach other law inforcement out here that they also have to abide by the law!

  8. JWElder says

    Runaway Barney Fife syndrome. Whatabuncha maroons. It would be comical if they were not hassling innocent citizens. Too bad they are out there, badged, armed, stupid, with an asinine attitude.

    • MKEgal says

      I agree with you except that this is far more than “hassling”.
      “Hassling” is repeatedly demanding to see ID when there’s no RAS of a crime, or slowly driving to follow someone who’s walking along the street, or threatening to arrest someone for some law that doesn’t exist, or running someone’s license plates with no RAS that the car is stolen or being used in a crime.

      This was all-out abuse of power. Complete corruption, top to bottom, other than the one woman who correctly told the cops that this poor lady wasn’t suicidal.

      EVERYONE involved – ALL the officials, ALL the cops of various flavors, even the sadistic little $h|t who drove so crazily, and ESPECIALLY the people who denied her medical care and forced unwanted injections on her – needs to be convicted of federal crimes & sent to prison for several years… plus having a hefty chunk of the $70 million out of each of their pockets. Enough to hurt, so they don’t ever even think about doing it again, & if they see someone else committing a similar crime they stop the other person.

  9. Christian Meister says

    As I said before… The police’s conduct (as alleged and described) is outrageous!

    I am a sheriff candidate (who was previously abused by the sheriff’s office as an employee) – and I would ask for any person’s support. I am overqualified for the position of sheriff, but this is what I am set out to do.

    I believe in putting “good” men and women into public office. If you review my background ( and I believe you will agree that I am worth your examination.


    Christian Meister

  10. Robert Forster says

    Stickinthemud needs to look at the facts of the case–not the ones as alleged by the plaintiff, but those acknowledged as facts found at the bottom of her allegations. If you like to nitpick her story and find a few foibles in her description, just look at the known facts. Then tell me what stinks. No laws were violated by her, she was on public property. She had nothing illegal and had a legitimate reason for everything she did or had. You think that “there is a history with this woman”? What makes you think that? Let’s deal in facts, not just what you think might be the case. People like to think that law enforcement is always right, but the fact is that it is not. I work occasionally with law enforcement and they are mostly well-trained and even-tempered. But there are over-amped, over-’roided neanderthals out there who work in boring towns and are looking for an incident to prove their macho. If the jurisdictions who hire them want that type of officer, they deserve the lawsuits that ensue.

  11. Les Ederheim says

    I hope this lady owns Suffolk County when her lawyer finishes with them….The new gestapo in action….sounds like a bunch of inbred morons with badges and guns abusing their power….I also hope there will be several people lose their jobs over this….You think you can depend on them to make good decisions???? Where is our America going with people like this…

  12. Tiby says

    All the above comments are interesting, but the fact is that the initiating LOE called a “terrorist” a teabagger and a right-winger. He carried a weapon, why can’t she(in a legal manner),she was within her rights as a resident, and the big issue is the National Guard Personel who supposedly called in the “Threat”, and had repeatedly warned her about her actions. WHo IS this RESERVE member of our US ARMED FORCES? No one seems to focus on that, and BTW This really belongs on YAhoo or some such. I HOPE SHE GETS EVERY PENNY PLUS HER MEMORY CARD.

  13. mike says

    he suffolk county police are one f the highest payed in the country the need to do better thing with there time the harrass people for no reason and they all need to be brought up on charged and fired from there jobs the island is in a mess between the cops and the power company there all thiefs and the system need to be fixed

  14. Janet says

    I find this incident very disturbing and the mandate here is for the truth to be exposed and this woman’s dignity restored: police and officiating personel brought under a microscope of scrutiny and justly sentenced and punished, monetary recompense to her for the grievous injustice, and a public editorial to recant the discrediting public accounts of her behavior. This is a democracy and it only works if EVERYONE is held accountable for their actions. Alll of our lives are compromised by this injustice. I await the satisfactory outcome. I am praying for you and your family, Nancy, and our troubled country.

  15. Paul says

    As usual lefties (like these Southampton pukes) are such glowing examples of civility and intelligence.

    Once they’ve been forced to give up all their assets as part of the payment for the judgment levied against them in favor of the plaintiff, these neanderthals should be locked up in stir for a while (with other criminals who just love ex-cops), then when they come out, if they come out, they can go to work for Nancy, with her millions from the judgment, as her gardeners, lawn boys, etc. Employment otherwise may be a problem for them.

    No need to get mad, Nancy, just get even!

    • Rayfrid says

      Paul, one more punishment should be imposed on the town. State revoke its charter, and all of its assetts be given to Nancy.

  16. John McShane says

    Is this an Italian soap opera? Looks like Nancy failed to get the message that a little ‘lubricant’ was expected. If the FBI walked, there is trouble in river city.

  17. Cop Turned Journalist says

    As a retired police officer, I am angered and disgusted – but not the least bit surprised – by the allegations against these officers. The “us versus them” mentality that is being fostered in law enforcement agencies and training academies these days is, in and of itself, an affront to the Constitution.

    To those who say that the city should pay a huge judgment and that the officers involved should be fired, I say, that’s a good START. But one more action needs to be taken. Every officer involved in this incident needs to have their law enforcement certification revoked and be barred, by court order, from ever working in law enforcement, private security, private investigations or any related field FOR LIFE.

    Until officers like these nationwide are convinced that one incident of knowingly and willingly violating the rights of a citizen means the end of their law enforcement career, this type of behavior will not stop. The officers who engage in it believe that they ARE the law, or at least that they are above it. Those who see these kinds of things happening and do nothing to stop it are either cowards – afraid of retaliation – or made from the same scum as the officers who behave this way.

    What happens to you – as an officer – when you respond to this kind of criminal behavior by your co-workers by doing the right thing? Well, I had to point a shotgun at two drug task force officers one night to get them to stop beating a handcuffed suspect in the head with a metal flashlight. They informed me that, within a month, I would be shot while resisting arrest on drug charges. I informed them that, within 24 hours of my death, they would both be the victims of a sniper’s round from someone on my old Air Force Security Police Tactical Team.

    The next day, the chief “suggested” that I apply for a job in a distant part of the state and offered a glowing written recommendation to help me get the hell out of Dodge. The drug task force was later shut down when the media documented – on video – the same two bozos beating a handcuffed suspect.

    People, you have GOT to stop taking another human being’s side of a debate simply because of the job they happen to hold. Law enforcement officer are imperfect human beings, just like the rest of us. Most of them do an excellent job of dealing with the crap they have to endure and still treating people with civility. But there are a few like the officers described in this account who MUST be stopped.

    Oh, here’s some free advice from someone whose tail had been saved by this tip. Buy one of those really small digital recorders and keep it in the console of your car with fresh batteries. If you get pulled over, hit record and drop it down the front of your shirt *. Now it’s not your word against his. And all the recording has to do is document one lie about what happened on his part. At that point, you and he become equal in the eyes of the jury and you MIGHT be able to get a fair trial.

    (*You drop it down the front of your shirt so that he doesn’t see it. If it gets to a search and he finds it, he now has to make a choice. Destroying evidence is a felony in every state in the U.S. A felony conviction is the end of your law enforcement career. Most cops won’t risk it, even if they are otherwise really corrupt).

    Another idea is to call your cellphone number FROM your cellphone so that it goes to voicemail instantly and records the encounter. Even better because then they have to ask for help to destroy the evidence from someone outside the agency. That’s TWO felonies: destroying evidence and criminal conspiracy to destroy evidence. Can you say, “ex-cops don’t do well in prison?”

    Sorry, but I just happen to think that there’s an especially hot corner of hell for child molesters and dirty cops.

    • Scott C says

      Well said and very good advice. I am an ex-state probation/parole officer and I was appalled at the “them vs. us” mentality that is almost universal in law enforcement. The same cops who sit in speed traps catching people who are other-wise mindiung their own business other than going 10 mph over the limit speed like demons with impunity when they are on their own time and almost always get a pass when they flash their badge to their fraternal brothers who pull them over. Dirty cops are as bad or worse than child molesters.

  18. russell walker says

    Having been beaten up in a County Jail and tortured by US Marshalls, I am well aware of the mah-ha-bone masonic hoods posing as police.

  19. John Boy says

    There is a way to stop such stupidity on the part of law enforcement. We, as Americans, have a right to peaceful protest…First Amendment says so. How come no one in that county has organized a mass protest of people with cameras in hand to take pictures of that stupid helicopter? If everyone who passes by that piece of junk would stop on their way past it and take a picture every day,these “Barney Fife” blunderers will have to admit their wrongdoing. This is AMERICA not STALAG 13. This is AMERICA the land of the free and the home of the brave. Why are these clowns not out there looking at “Middle Eastern Appearing Young Men Between The Ages of 18 and 45 Years of Age?” Oh, yeahhhhhh, NOW I REMEMBER…because it would be called PROFILING!!!!!!! An NO ONE wants to upset the delicate sensibilities of “Middle Eastern Appearing Young Men Between The Ages of 18 and 45 Years of Age” now, do they. Why not make the airport remove the helicopter if they don’;t want people to take pictures of it in the first place…Pass a referendum to that effect and get rid of that junky old shell… Even the American military members who flew it would not want it memory tainted by overzealous jackbooted “Police Officers” whose duty it is to serve and protect.!!! God In Heavean, Help America Stay America!!!

  20. John Boy says

    I can believe everything this lady claims, I ran into this incident:

    I was outraged as were thousands of others, and called this sheriff’s office.
    They wanted to present their side, so I took them up on their offer and they sent me the transcripts of her trial.
    As I gathered more & more evidence, I found more & more instances of cops being caught in LIES…time & time again…

    Abuses like these are just unacceptable…

  21. Danny says

    I am a Master Peace Officer, police instructor, and Crime Prevention Inspector, who switched from a career as an attorney to police officer and have 26 years experience. Even if Genovese’s story had a multitude of incidents that were misunderstood by her, it is very apparent there are numerous violations that law enforcement committed against her and her sons. All offenders should be punished where it hurts…the pocketbook. She could also file complaints with the state agency that licenses police officer in order to put another kick to their backsides. Sounds like a good movie plot also. Maybe she can sell her story. I hate bad cops and have seen many go away during my career.

  22. Jim says

    Reminds me of back in the day when we were beaten for speaking our language. We were beaten for refusing to use our so-called christian names. A lot of us were beaten too much so they buried us. They tried to beat our traditions and social structure out of us. And now the law is trying to beat it out of you too.
    Good luck with that.

  23. Sandy says

    Why are people complaining that she had cash on her? Since when is it illegal to carry large amounts of cash? In many cases, when there is a large bill to be a paid, if the person pays in cash for a service, they may receive a discount. It’s highly likely this is why she had a large amount of cash on her. In fact, more and more people are paying for all kinds of goods and services this way. Why should education be any different?

  24. Dennis says

    I chuckled when I read the comment from Montana. I also laughed when I heard NY was putting a guy in jail…for shooting himself in a bar!! Only in NY, I guess, do the cops think they have allowance to do this. It must be a regional thing. Did you see how many agencies were involved?

  25. jgreene says

    I suspect she tried to resist the police and argue her rights to them. You are expected to submit to the police and wait until court to assert your rights. The police don’t take kindly to people who undermine their authority and ability to maintain order and in those cases are required by prudence to assume the worst of a person and not take chances with their lives. And by the way, even the airport streets and surrounding property not fenced in is part of the airport. Just because you can get to the property without being blocked by a physical barrier doesn’t mean it is public property. From the aerial photo it definitely was on airport property.

    • lloydrmc says

      Small matter of Miranda rights, and also requiring her to be nude in front of male officers, more than once.

  26. Dai Jones says

    Give an inch and the mile is a foregone conclusion. Any incident such as this should be shouted from the roof tops, I am assuming that Fox News wont carry it, and propagated by all means possible. American and British citizenry are guilty of fat, happy complacency that is allowing ‘creeping tyrrany’. We allow events such as this to slide under the wire by trivializing it as ‘minor’, ‘a misunderstanding’, ‘a mistake’, ‘over zealousness’ or an individual officer acting in error. An accumulation of these minor events gets to be pretty damned big, pretty damned fast. Always, always remember Franklin… “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”.

  27. An Observation says

    One point which has not been made is the number of police officers illegally taking steroids. This is simply an epidemic which is not talked about. Much of the behavior of the officers in this incident sounds like steroid induced rage. Steroids use among law enforcement personnel is a problem which is only going to get worse; steroids ‘work’ in the sense that they do grow muscles that can’t otherwise be grown. If you see a very muscular police officer it is likely he is on steroids.

    • Ca says

      An Observation >>>”steroids ‘work’ in the sense that they do grow muscles that can’t otherwise be grown.”<<<

      And the main muscle that steroids enhance is the one between the ears… !!

  28. Danny says

    It is the police dept and all those who took part in this mistreatment of a innocent citizen that should be facing charges in a court of law. They should be made to pay for what they did and a part of the money due to this woman should come out of their wages. Either that or they should be fired and barred from ever working in law enforcement again. They should not be allowed to go free so they can repeat this offence again.

    Corrupt law enforcement officials cannot be tolerated in this Country

  29. Jake says

    I hope this goes loud, really loud.

    Hey @Paul,
    1.) Riverhead Rd. is not included in the airport premises, smart guy.
    2.) The ENTIRE airport premises short of the secure zone is open to the public. That’s the law of the land. You’re entitled to you’re feelings, but not to your own version of statutes.

  30. Ana says

    I don’t know what’s more disgusting — the way Nancy Genovese was treated, or the stupifying comments suggesting she deserved “what she got.”

    NO individual in custody EVER deserves to be stripped of their most basic rights as a citizen, to be bullied based on political or any other beliefs or to be treated as if they were somehow less than human. What makes it worse is that this woman was clearly innocent of the trumped-up charges against her, and it’s doubly apparent when the DA dropped the charges immediately after she made bail. They were bored, and they wanted something to do — Nancy just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and with two minor (let alone completely legal) accessories that were used against her for no real reason.

    It’s a shame her default wasn’t granted — although I’ll admit the DA did have a legitimate reason for neglecting to file — but I sincerely hope the town settles and at least spares her the humiliation of having to relive the experience all over again in court.

  31. D. Lanning says

    I have read with interest most of the published data on this case. If it is true then this city is in a world of hurt.
    It seems to me that there is a terrific amount of incompetence on the part of the Town Council, the City Attorney (who was asked to resign) and the City police department. Hiring an incompetent City Attorney, who apparently was fired at his last place of employment really takes the cake. His salary of $115,000
    shows the quality of the person. Many schoolteachers “earn” more than him, but of course they belong to a public service union!

    • Marie says

      Southampton is NOT a city. It is a town. And, not all school teachers belong to a union. Check your facts. If anything, thank the teacher that taught you how to differentiate between fact and opinion. And, put the learning to some good use.

  32. constance tyler says

    A number of years ago, my husband and I were heading home during a spectacular sunset and I had my video camera with us. We were on route 208 that goes by the Wallkill Prison that is set way back off the road. I wanted to film the pretty sight but within a minute, a state patrolman was right there asking us what we were doing. I tried to explain that I just wanted to film the sunset but was told that we weren’t allowed to take pictures and to move on. There were no signs posted that we couldn’t stop along the roadside for any reason.Thank God this wasn’t after 911. We would probably have been arrested and have our camera destroyed and thrown in jail for being terrorists.

  33. Rolo Tomasi says

    I learned my lesson about cops early in life. I was pulled over for speeding. I was driving under the speed limit. Knowing that the cop lied, I went to court with the ticket. The judge did not require the cop to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” his accusation. The judge said it was the cop’s word against mine, and she believed the cop. Fine plus court costs.

    I guess I was naive, being only 17. The learning was worth the price, namely, all cops are crooked. Don’t mess with them. They have the power. Judges don’t do their job. Most of them are probably crooked too. The so-called “justice system” does not work, in spite of all the propaganda you hear about it.

    For all you “good officers” who think I’m overreacting, I have this message. You know all about the bad cops in your department, and you do nothing about it. So you are just as bad.

    • robert says

      A Buena Park officer at the behest of another cop approached me . His first words to me were “Do you know what I can do to you?” With that question he was operating under “color of law”. Even knowing that, how do you translate it into
      legal action? It becomes his word against yours.

  34. Kit Crider says

    To quote the usurper in the White House, “The police department acted stupidly”….and I hope Nancy takes the town and county to the cleaners!!

  35. Photographer says

    And the police wonder why everyone hates them.

    How much are we going to take before a backlash against the American Gestapo takes place?

    How much…

  36. C. J. Waters says

    Have the attorneys or Ms. Genovese taken any steps to charge these apparently incompetent and criminal officers criminally or is this strictly a money thing?
    How did her sons find out mom was having police trouble in such a timely fashion that they showed up at the scene.
    I am a retired police officer, probably qualify as a right-winger, a Tea Partier, and am always armed. Nevertheless, this situation strikes me as highly suspicious. It is difficult to believe, given the attitudes that prevail at present, that officers would be so stupid as to take such actions.

    • Nancy (not Genevese) says

      Being stuck in the position of having married someone ho is not a Police Officer. He just facilitates their misconduct from the back ground.
      What I both know and am working to bring public. Will make the Nancy Genevese thing look like small potatoes.
      Due to mmy estranged husbands access to the Suffolk County courts & other entities. My self & my family have been suffering from Law enforcement harrassment & abuse since 1996. False arrests happen all the time. Feb.12th.2012. Three SCPD officer invaded my home and abducted my teenages son Brandon. Why Dead Beat Dad who writes & files his own court decisions or dismisses my filings. With or without a lawyer. He has not paidSchild Support 12 years. Not for lack of money but lack of brains.
      Unknown to me. He has IRS access. Has been replacing my tax reurns every year with substitute returns.Then claiming myself & son as exemptions on his returns.
      Now the IRS may be investigating him. He sends the SCPD to abduct our son. fOrce him to live with this monster & his wife….by bigamy. Because he is not a judge and has signed & filed fraudulant divorce judgements seven index #s. All signed by ex. Nine by a judge. Judges hiding a lot benesth their robes. Hve not seen or spoken to my son in 3 months.
      Last. Sat. night late. I was coming home from a night out. Almost home. I see a olice car parked a block from m house. As I pass them they put their lights on trying to pull me over. Happens all the time. I ignore them go straight home. When I got home. They park in front of my house lights flashing etc. Officer gets out of his car. Same officer that abducted my son. I ignore them. Go in my house lock the doors.
      I can tell you many unbelievable yet documentable stories about all Sufolk Police depts. They are helping ex stage auto scidents for insurance fraud. Ex is doing this sick stuf to his famly myself and kids. Can’t call police and report them.
      My only choice left is I am bringing this public. living a nightmare.

  37. John says

    Where is Eric Holder? This should be investigated and someone needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It seems to me her cival rights were violated too.

  38. George says

    Don’t ever get stopped by the police in Las Vegas, you will definitely wish you had stayed home. These guys are thugs, but not on drugs, and would rather shoot first and ask questions later. Police everywhere are becoming arrogant and power hungry and forget they are public employees and their duty is to protect & serve, but they somehow view their duty is to punch you, kick you and then laugh. My Father was a Police Officer and I used to have great respect for them, nowadays I would offer a stale donut to one.

  39. indio007 says

    Uhmm , are some of you people stupid? 13K is not a lot of money cash or otherwise. Especially in South Hampton! The median home price is north of 950K.
    That’s 2 months of mortgage payments.

    • Charlie says

      Yes, 13K is a RIDICULOUS about of money to be carrying in a wallet. 130 100 dollar bills? In a wallet?

  40. skippy says

    The whole taunting with “teabagger” and whatnot… Is that a Nassau County cop thing? Ive never met a rural or townie cop in my life that wasnt a right winger. Plus,maybe tea-bagger is now tit for tat with “hippie/radical/anarchist” or n****r or w*****k as with far too many cops,its about being an occupying army now and any justification for their true joy of treating someone like crap,will do. Lay off the “demoncrat” crap tough guys. Lots of people who just may believe in public health care and a progressive tax rate on the wealthy would still be appalled by this case. Its not a zero sum game. Get off your high horse.

  41. Charlie says

    Actually, according to news reports at the time, she did indeed have a loaded shotgun and a loaded assault rife in the car, and had PREVIOUSLY been seen taking pictures at the airport and asking odd questions. So the claim that she was taking pictures of a “tourist attraction” is bull.

    “Genovese was seen at the air field taking pictures on previous occasions over the past few weeks and was warned to stay away, said Undersheriff Joseph T. Caracappa.

    On one of those prior occasions, “She had wandered on the property, looking around, and was approached by staff at the Air National Guard,” Caracappa said. “She was asking them about containers on the property, and they said, ‘We can’t tell you that,’ and asked her to leave.”

    But she was seen and recognized on the property again Thursday evening by an off-duty Southampton Town police officer, and upon arrival Deputy Sheriff Robert Carlock made the arrest, officials said.”

    • lloydrmc says

      …which of course justifies violating her fourth amendment rights, multiple times, and failing to mirandize her, and withholding medical treatment.

  42. Nancy (not Genevese) says

    It has become a sad state of affairs when innocent people have to be on guard against the misbehavior of our own police force.

  43. Nancy (not Genevese) says

    This type of behavior occurs because the entire country has become tainted with corruption. Yes! FRom top to bottom. Fed. to state.
    May an uprising has to happen. To stop us from becoming covertly Communist. Some have the right to do as they please and are protected by their Superiors who are also rights violators.
    This yarn is woven tightly. Most cases of abuse like this are prevented from coming bto the attention of the media.

  44. capt fred says


  45. Tristan Tsuji says

    I am a Japanese-Canadian descended from WWII Internees, and I find this case HIGHLY DISTURBING.
    It brings to mind the mistakes made in the past when public hysteria and Prejudice allowed for suspension of civil liberties and property rights of an entire ethnic community.
    We are now living in an era which has apologized for the past while continuing to make mistakes in the exact same fashion.
    Abraham Lincoln spoke on the current situation with amazing foresight and clarity in his quote from 1864-
    “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

    Now some people will say that the Case I am commenting on has no bearing in this light, however, I feel that each and every instance of abuse and prejudice enacted in the interest of “National Security” or the “War on Terror” accumulates to paint a very stark and frankly terrifying picture of the future and soul of the Western World.

    I truly hope that the truth comes to light and that this case serves as further example of exactly WHY THERE IS A CONSTITUTION.

  46. Nancy (not Genevese) says

    I don’t know why there is a constituition either. Being honest. I would find it more acceptble if the government would just admit what they are doing. Robbing their own banks & subjecting innocent individuals to legal harassment for profit or to feed an inner spiritual sickness they have.
    God help America.

  47. Tsosie says

    All of this is troubling. The shots in jail especially so for some of us. Flu shots? I can’t have them due to major allergies to the culture media they are grown in – and getting one will result in death per my physician.

    No medical history and they are giving this woman shots?

    Hope all the cops involved end up having to pay her from their own pockets and retiremnt. Know it won’t happen, but it should. Hope all are named as individuals and held accountable.

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