Nancy Genovese Lawsuit Updates: Town of Southampton in Default



The Town of Southampton has failed to timely file an answer to the Nancy Genovese lawsuit, (updates here), possibly leaving the taxpayers of the town on the hook for $70 million dollars. A motion for a default judgment has been filed against the Town of Southampton and Town of Southampton Police Officer Robert Iberger, and we are awaiting a decision by the court.

So what happened, and how could the town fail to defend itself against such a large lawsuit?

Michael C. Sordi, the Town Attorney for the Town of Southampton, represents both the town and defendant Robert Iberger, a Town of Southampton Police Officer. He is the attorney responsible for defending both the town and the Southampton Police, but as a result of personal issues, he inadvertently “forgot” to serve an answer. Sordi states in court documents that he telephoned counsel for the Plaintiff the day before his answer was due, advising that his mother was in extremis, and that the doctors treating her had suggested that her death was imminent. He was granted a verbal two week extension, but did not follow up in writing, as he was en route to his mother’s bedside.

A week later, the Town Attorney’s mother passed away. One week later, the Town Attorney’s 25 year old nephew died suddenly and unexpectedly. Michael Sordi states that over the course of these weeks he was in and out of his office tending to family business and grieving the loss of his family members, and that he quite frankly “forgot” that he had not served an answer in this case. He states “I simply got ‘caught up’ in my personal events and I thought, erroneously, that I had actually served the Answer, when in fact I had forgotten to upon my return to work.”

This has not been the first time that the Town Attorney has missed a deadline. Last year, he failed to timely file a response to a lawsuit against the town by a level 3 sex offender, putting the town at risk for an excessive judgment. Luckily, the delay in that case was positively resolved for the town.

Before Michael Sordi was appointed as the Town Attorney for the Town of Southampton, he was the lead attorney in Nassau County in a high profile federal case involving excessive force by a Nassau County police officer. The county lost the case, and the jury awarded the plaintiff nearly $20 million dollars. Michael Sordi was fired by Nassau County shortly thereafter in December 2009. Republican County Attorney John Ciampoli clamed Mr. Sordi, as the lead council on the case, did not complete any prepatory work for several pretrial motions that needed to be filed. He stated “I would characterize that case as having been grossly mismanaged and mishandled by my predecessors in virtually every way that I could imagine.”

Although town officials were aware of the Nassau County mess, they hired Mr. Sordi anyway.  Last Friday, Michael C. Sordi, the Town Attorney for the Town of Southampton, was asked to submit his resignation. As part of his parting package, he will receive one month’s salary (his annual salary was $115,000), compensation for unused vacation and sick days, and the town will pay for his health insurance coverage through May 2011. Mr. Sordi also had the town sign an agreement that the town will “fully, forever, irrevocably and unconditionally” release him from any liability in claims or lawsuits brought against the town.

No word yet on if the taxpayers of the Town of Southampton will be on the hook for the $70 million dollar default judgment.

UPDATE: Nancy’s motion for a default judgment was denied by Judge Bianco on 2/25/11.


    • Patriot Gal says

      Defaulting and letting the poor townspeople just pay the bill is NOT good enough! Those involved need to be hauled into court, fined and sentenced. The persons responsible for calling the shots against this innocent woman, and their abhorrent treatment of her, need to be fired from their positions of responsibility as they are irresponsible, unprofessional and abusive, which is a violation of their trust to the people they are sworn to protect.

      • George Miller says

        This is what happens when you give idiots a little power. Unfortunately this is just the beginning in this country. Ever hear the phrase “Those who do not learn from History and comdemned to repeat it”? Sounds scarily similar to the brownshirted bastards of Nazi Germany. Yes, the good Lt. shuold be prosecuted criminally and the “dear hearts and gentle people” should pay for turning a blind eye to who and what are in charge in their little town. Of all places for this to happen, New York which has one of the largest Jewish populations is poetic justice for allowing their little Nazidom to exist.

      • RG says

        I think anyone involved with her arrest and violate her rights should sent to jail and strip all their pension and any benefit. They should never be in the law enforcement again.

      • Bill says

        Patriot Gal is right…The cop involved acted beyond his legal authority when “Around midnight, officials from the airport and federal law enforcement agencies determined that Nancy posed no terrorist or other security threat.” The good Deputy Carlock should be held accountable for everything that happened to Nancy after that point. I think Carlock should only be protected by the town while he is preforming his lawful duties, once the feds left he was acting on his own knowing that the Federal authorities superseded his !

    • Tony says

      Wow councilman Malone appears to be the only guy who understands the severity of the lawsuit and how it is being misshandled, Nuzzi just sounds like an idiot, and the rest of them don’t seem to get that they appear to be, by default, awarding the 70million asked for.
      And as he said it is almost the entire towns budget, for allowing their police to run around like a gang of thugs.

      Good for nancy

  1. Archie1954 says

    Now this story is something I would definitely like to see follow up on. The whole egregious activity of the town from the first contact it had with the paintiff right up to the four month late response to the court is unbelievable and disgraceful. There should be some heads that roll here and I don’t mean just the former town counsel.

  2. Frank says

    Oh Nancy! Please do us tea-baggers a favor and bring an additional lawsuit for slander against the counsel for referring to your lawsuit as being “frivolous” on public record. These towns that endorse gestapo, anti-American law enforcement should pay the price for allowing it.

    • John says

      Grow up people! 70 million dollars? Because a few idiots behaved poorly? This Nancy person should dust herself off and just work to make sure the idiots do some time behind bars and lose their jobs. These high dollar lawsuits reflect poorly on the plaintiffs. Greedy.

      • Melissa Vaccaro says

        Would this be your advice had this been your daughter,wife,mother or any other loved one? her winning a judgement may also makes other dirt bag law enforcement officers think twice before they act like bullies, This is not the first and will not be the last police officers who vow to serve and protect who become bullies. They completely ignored request from doctors to turn around while this woman disrobed. That should be considered sexual harassment at bare minimum. They ignored a prison official who stated she was NOT suicidal. They administered drugs without concern for her medical history .Her request to speak with an attorney was ignored and she was locked up and put into a straight jacket. I hope she is awarded all of what she is asking and more, Lets hope that each of these bullies with badges is made to pay it. thats right hit em where it hurts(the wallet) If this were my daughter i would find her the best attorney and scream as loud as i could to make sure they NEVER worked in a public position with power. when i got done they would be sweeping streets.Good Luck to her and her family

      • Cmahoney says

        Did u not read what she was put through? If your spouse were treated thus in front of your children, imprisoned, falsely accused ( do check the Bill if Rights, which you suggest she snub) possibly tortured, humiliated having to disrobe in front of men, called a terrorist for taking a tourist attraction pic? Why not put yourself in her place? No one can “go after” the jobs of the cops, so sadly the entire county’s toes are put to the fire for the bill. Hardly frivolous. Another right is to right wrongs.

        • Sara says

          Aren’t Sheriff’s elected officials? They can go after them at least with their vote. I can’t imagine anyone with any kind of conscience voting these guys back in.

      • GreyFalcon says

        Hey John, had she been a left wing nut case and put thru this same scenario, she would have asked for 5 times that amount. You socialists can sure dish it out, but you just can’t take it.

    • Josh says

      sadly it is not just small towns that seek to make their own laws and have such laws that infringe upon our rights as Americans, at this point there are actually several states that have passed laws or amendments to their state constitutions that actually countermand federal laws.

    • Ginger says

      Grow up you say, I’m sorry but how would you feel if this happened to your wife or daughter? No they went to far, knowing she had the money in the car and not letting her lock it up just shows someone from the police dept. took that money because someone else would have taken it all. Shame on them for making her stay in jail for 3 days, making her undress in front of them and everything else they did that was unprofessional. They should all go to jail and not be able to carry a badge.

  3. Silver Knight says

    This isn’t karma. This is powerful people fucking up, and the taxpayers — regular people not involved in the case — are the ones getting fucked over.

    The lead attorney needs to be fired immediately, the case appealed by a new attorney.

  4. Jimmy Legaro says

    Looks like the board does not oversee the town attorney NOR the police department. It’s an expensive policy when the lawsuits roll in..

  5. Mark Read Pickens says

    If I was on the jury, I wouldn’t sign off on a $70,000,000 award; $100,000 plus attorney’s fees seems more reasonable.

    • Fred says

      Mark, she deserves the maximum for this. Something has to get the town mad enough to reign in there abuse. Those hired by the taxpayers did this. I can’t imagine living with this for the rest of your life here in America. I lived in Communist Hungary and never saw this kind of abuse.

  6. truepatriot says

    Yes karma is certainly a bitch!

    If the judge is not some liberal bastard, he will follow the law and issue the default judgment. Period.

    • Ahmad Smadi says

      The update at the bottom of the article says the motion for default judgment was denied last year.

  7. Robert says

    Given the vast and massive number of police in this country, harrassing, giving false testimonies, undue and unwarrented arrestes and brutality, in matter of fact violating the constitutional rights of citizens and violating their own state and local laws, never mind the moral violation, we seem to come to the understanding that there is a level of corruption both in morals and legal behavior becoming prevelant in our legal society. Even the legislative, and judicial authorities are been exposed for their illigal and immoral conduct and their protection of those who violate the law, especially law enforcement officers. What is the underlying reason that so many law enforcement officers have become or are grossly incompetent, immoral, and intellectually baseline hoodlums. And it will get worse given the atmosphere in this country no prevailing.

  8. KennyK says

    The woman should get a $100 Million and everyone involved should be in Federal prison for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Denny says

    As eggregous as the behavior of this towns police officers was, if I were on her jury, she’d get every penny and “if possible”, I would require that the officers pay at least one third of it. That’s the only way this type of behavior will ever come to an end. I would push to have the officer charged with grand theft. Someone took $5300 of the $13k. Why did the officer require that her kids leave the purse in the car? In addition, anyone breaking into the car, would’ve taken the whole $13k…not leave her change. I’d bet the amount taken, that if the cops cell phones are triangulated, you’ll find they returned to the location of the car before morning. When cops steal from a drug bust…they never take it all, which becomes their undoing, when the dealer is busted and is told he was caught with $7k in cash, can he explain it….and he says…no…it was $10k…oops.

    It’s good they filed in federal court as a jury there will be less concerned about the award because they won’t be paying it as taxpayers.

  10. WRAY EDWARDS says

    Unfortunately, a disturbingly large proportion of applicants for employment as police and sheriffs are found to have done so for all the wrong reasons.

    This lady fell victim to the cruelty of such utterly perverted, sadistic and evil thugs. Hope she gets every penny.

  11. JJ Herrera says

    Divine justice has once again acted in favor of “flagrant abuse” by law enforcement officers of the county County and the town of Southampton.
    Those officers should be removed.

  12. Basil says

    Again the untrained, uneducated, dumb, overcompensated overevered bastards overreached and overreacted. THEY SHOULD PAY.

  13. Carol Mas says

    Tired of seeing Police Departments BREAKING THE LAW. I feel the police should be charged with Perjury and treated the way they treated Nancy or any other wrongly convicted person.

  14. Thia says

    This woman deserves every penny!!! I hope she wins and does good things with the money. I can’t imagine a world without police BUT I pray I never meet idiots like this. That cop has one helluva EGO thing going.

  15. Jim says

    Why does everyone commenting on this assume that the “facts” that were put forward here are accurate? They are taken from the Complaint – have you ever read one before? There is no attempt at balance there, it is simply a statement of allegations made by the plaintiff to cast the plaintiff’s case in the most favorable light possible.

    Much of what was put forward here as the “facts” is simply not credible. Here’s an example – the plaintiff in this case was allegedly driving around with $12,500 *in cash* in her purse, purportedly to pay the tuition for her kids. Now most people don’t pay such bills in cash, but ask yourself this – if *you* were carrying that much cash, would *you* stop by the side of the road to take some pictures? Or would you get to the school as fast as possible so that you wouldn’t risk losing all that cash? Doesn’t make any sense and these “facts” are riddled with such conflicts.

    As for the default judgment – technically, anytime you fail to timely answer a complaint you are in default. However, if the lawyer is willing to fall on his sword, the court will almost certainly set aside the default and let the case proceed on the merits (default judgments being frowned upon because there was no determination of the merits). The lawyer’s job is surely in far greater jeopardy than is the Town of having to pay on the default.

    Now it may well be that somewhere in here is an actionable claim that is not “frivolous.” All I’m saying is that so far we don’t have any “facts” – all we have are allegations and those are certainly not the same thing.

    • Elle says

      Thank you, Mark! I was wondering if anyone would notice that assumptions were made in all of the above comments, the first one being that Ms. Genovese was telling the truth. There are several and competing issues here, but it is just so gross from beginning to end, anyone can find something to sympathize with: The Police State, Gun Control, Privacy Issues, Psychological Torture, Budget Mishandling by Governmental Bodies….. It is like ‘just throw a dart’ to find a culprit in this story. Amazing. It makes me glad I do not live there, and also makes me want to go to my next City Council meeting… someone should be watching!

  16. solomon says

    Their outrage is directed at the laywer for dropping the ball. Does corruption go all the way to the top? You bet it does. “We lose” is absolutely prophetic. There is a God.

  17. says

    She’ll never see a penny.

    The law is a fraud -anyway.

    The lawsuit was frivolous, ridiculous, why not 70 trillion dollars?

    The lawyer will be disbarred.

    The comments here suggest there is something called “justice”.

    LOL That’s a good one, justice and virtuous women…

    You have one right in this world. That right is to run like crazy and dodge the bullets as best as you can, scatter, fools…

    Any Alan Dershowitz or Abe Lincoln who thinks any different should have his head beat in by the baton of some cop.

    It’s all a big lie.

  18. Derek says

    You have to understand this airport (half public / half 106th National Guard) is right on a public road (Rt 31). The helicopter in question is about 7 feet from the roadway, outside of the restrictive gates of the air base. Stopping across the street to take a picture is really not a big deal. Across the street is a Boces building. The issue really seems to be an overzealous Southampton cop trying to play Mr. Big shot. The agencies in question (Southampton, Westhampton, and Suffolk County Sherrifs) are notorious out here for being a bunch of gung-ho cops. If it was the SCPD I guarantee the woman would have gotten a warning and she would have been on her way. When Grumman used to be out here in Calverton, it was frowned upon to take pictures of the F-14′s and A-6′s taking off, but no one was ever arrested or had Homeland security and the FBI involved. Its rediculous. Oh and yes, the Calverton Rifle Range, 106th Rescue Wing and the College are all in VERY close proximity to eachother. So nothing the woman stated was out of the ordinary.

  19. Robin Mitchell says

    I just returned from my (only) second trip back to NY in 7 years. I left shortly after 9/11 when my husband went back to work for the Army. To try to help fight the real terrorists out to get our country. They won.

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the moral cesspool Long Island has become. Why aren’t those cops on trial? Why aren’t THEIR psossessions being seized as terrorists for terrorizing the public?

    Terrorist threats? I saw many. Let’s start with the US Airways drop off at JFK. At 6AM there were at leat a dozen livery SUV’s all driven by Middle Eastern men. Don’t worry about whether or not TSA can stop more 9/11′s folks…one coordinated livery driver suicide attack OUTSIDE would easily take out a dozen planes doing preflight.

    But, don’t worry, your LEO’s finest got their gal…a LI mother of a Catholic school kid taking pictures for her support the troops website. Very scary woman. Had a gun in her trunk (I have worn a gun on my hip legally for the last 7 years, no shots fired), had her sons come to her aid (probably the last few real men left in NY), kept cash on her (the rest of the populace thinks debt is wealth), challenged authority (afterall we need to live in fear to be good little citizens).

    My husband is retired now. Actually a 100% service connnected disabled veteran. After a lifetime of Rangers and SF he is done. We live on 40 acres in Alaska. I can’t even see my nearest neighbor’s house. I don’t have electric but I do have microwave internet. I figure it’s only a matter of time before I wake up one morning to read NY has been hit again. You have learned nothing from 9/11.

  20. Kathi says

    If what happened to this woman and her kids is true I hope she does win the lawsuit. Unbelievable what people do to people these days and totally uncalled for. And our officials, healthcare providers etc ned to step up and show professionalism. You just don’t do things to peple like was done to this woman.

  21. Jean says

    People that believe they should sit on city councils believe that they know how things should be run but there is ample proof
    here that that is not the case. They should be monitoring the type of police that they hire. The Arresting officer should be fired, and the person that hired the idiot should be fired as well.I can not stand idiots that weild petty power and jump at the chance to use it. There was a whole series of these types involved with her arrest. They should all be held financially responsible to the point it hurts. That is called reparation.
    I would put my house up for sale and move out of that town in a flash. Taxes are going to get really high there.

  22. says

    Sad that the people of Southampton will be the ones paying the tab for the cops’ pigbrained power trip.

    Instead the cop should pay everything he owns and be thrown into prison. If I kidnapped and handcuffed a woman while I had a gun on MY person, that would probably be about 50 years in a cage- we all know the cop will get nothing!

    • Christian says

      Everything rolls down hill. The tax payers will get hit and the board members will have to answer for their lack of oversight. The police’s feet should also have their feet put to the fire.

      If none of this happens, ultimately, the taxpayers should be responsible for the bill. In the end, they elect these people and re elect them after the horrible job they have done.

      This should be a lesson to everyone to pay close attention to your local town and city elected officials and hold their feet to the fire. If we don’t, we get what we deserve.

  23. K8izGr8 says

    Something real fishy here. Why does a person carry around $13000 in cash? Why does it matter if she takes a picture of a public place? People take pictures at the airport all the time. For that matter you can take an unloaded gun locked in a gun case right into the airport and check it. Something made this personal and I doubt it was politics or that she was any kind of threat. $70 million dollar lawsuit thought? Really? Out of order cop fired ok that’d be good if that’s what happened,millions of taxpayers dollars? BS! Before I believe any of this I’d want to see the reporter’s resume. Eager beaver small town wannabe journalists can write anything they want and no one asks them who they are or how reliable they are. I could take select “facts” from court records leaving out other “facts” as I desired and paint anything as truth while I hid behind the word “alleged” fishy fishy fishy.

    • Flyingbug says

      The $13K was for her children’s school tuition.

      The reason, as I understand it, for the lawsuit is that the police acted way out of line. There is also the matter of denying her access to the attorney, access to her medication (she had a laceration on her leg requiring antibiotics), and $5300 that was missing from her money. And her UNloaded gun (which was in a locked case).

  24. Ron Catalano says

    I worked in the law enforcement field for 15 years, and it made me want to throw up as I read about all the crimes these officers committed against this woman AND her family. Some of them will not be able to be proven, unless the officers admit them under oath, because it will be her word against theirs. However, I feel that there will be enough charges “provable” to win the case, even if it goes to court. I admire the lady for having the gumption to follow up on the injustices done to her. I also admire her for attempting to support our troops. We certainly have enough people in this world today who do not support them. As an American and a former law enforcement officer, I apologize to you , Nancy. I support YOU in this case, and you will be in my prayers.

  25. Winston Smith says

    People, please understand that that GUILTY PARTIES will not pay ONE DIME of this lawsuit. It’s ALL coming from the taxpayers!

    Until the cops and other thugs that do these evil things pay, monetarily or otherwise, they won’t stop.

  26. Ruth says

    It is a shocking and hard to believe story, but I do believe it.
    Fact is any of us could have been victomized this same way. I have always looked up to the police, but here, they are the problem. The council meeting again is a disappointment. They are only worried about the money, not about the wrongs done to this citizen. Much needs to change. I hope she is successful.

  27. Sara S says

    I’m what most people would consider a “liberal” .. but those idiots in the Sheriff’s department and local PD aren’t libs, conservatives, or anything in between – they’re just jackasses. “Serve and protect” apparently means nothing. This was a gross case of hatred, malpractice, and abuse of power, and all of the “officers” involved should be let go or placed on administrative duty pending a full on investigation on exactly what transpired.

  28. Violet K says

    Thank you for sharing this information. I hope Mrs Genovese doesn’t suffer from PTSD due to the horrific experience at the hands of some seriously power hungry and malicious intent. Please forward my regards to her.

  29. Merinas van der Lubbe says

    Hmmm….. There’s a 4-letter word I keep expecting to see in the reporting on this case, and thus far, for some strange reason, I don’t see it.

    So, I’ll just proffer it here: ACLU

    Where are they? (Or more properly, under which rock are they hiding, on this case?)

    Is it because there was a gun involved, or because the plaintiff isn’t a one-armed black Lesbian, or what?


  30. Keepyourpower says

    As a former police officer and someone who works to save this country from corruption… as a citizen….

    These law enforcement officers should be brought to trial and after conviction…should be placed “in the general population” so that they can have at least some of the humiliation and pain that Ms Genovese went through. Every one of them..from local, airport, and up to the FBI.

    I hate liars! And I hate corrupt police officers even more!

    Frivolous….no way!

    The officers were probably using the Patriot Act.
    For those that do not know….if you are arrested and they use the Patriot Ac t..saying you are a terrorist…you cannot have an attorney. You will be treated just like Ms Genovese was and if let go…you are not allowed to tell ANYONE what happened to you, especially during detainment…or you will serve 5 years in jail and a fine.

    And our Congressmen…even the new Republican ones voted to extend the Patriot Act until 9 months from now.

    This is a very dangerous law and needs to be repealed!! It is very un-Constitutional!

    You can see how it is misused by law enforcement! They misuse it often!

    And President Obama stated he could detain anyone he wanted for as long as he wanted without an attorney or a trial.
    He was using the Patriot Act when he said that.

    Do you happen to know just how many malignant narcissists there are in law enforcement ? ..Do you understand people of authority from a small town up to the President could use the Patriot Act to detain masses of people?

    Or are most of you still asleep?

    You MUST contact your Congressmen/women and Senators and DEMAND that this law be repealed NOW!

    • George says

      You are 100% correct in citing the USA PATRIOT Act as the blanket rule used to circumvent the Constitution. Long Island is also within the “border security zone” where Constitutional protections against search and seizure are declared moot by government fiat.
      She was detained 72 hours. PATRIOT Act. She was declared “suicidal” which should, along with the “terrorist” arrest, result in her inability to purchase a firearm. Oh… you were found “sane” and “charges dropped”? Probably for lack of evidence, or some technicality, not lack of intention. NOgun4U.
      No Fly List is likely as well.
      As to the case… my forecast:
      “The various police agents, on behalf of the US government, were acting in good-faith, within the constraints of the USA PATRIOT Act, in vigorously investigating a likely threat to civilian aviation, and a known military facility. Case dismissed.”
      The officers involved will be encouraged to retire at half-pay plus full benes, or may sustain “prolonged agony and suffering” due to this case, and go out on 100% full pay plus disability benefits.
      What won’t happen, is jail time, or action as formerly undertaken in years past by the Feds, for violation of Nancy Genoveses’civil rights. The reason, again, is the defense of the all-important USA PATRIOT Act.

      I HAVE written my congresscritters – and I’ve been told: “You have NO IDEA the threats we face.” Really? I grew-up with Soviet nuclear submarines off the coast of Long Island. 3 minutes from launch, and NYC is radioactive glass slag. We had Soviet agents INSIDE our government… not just walking the street. Bombers flying from Laborador, down to DC, and making a left out to sea.

      This is nothing but a power-grab that would make J Edgar Hoover dance a happy-dance in his best chiffon gown, and sequined pumps.

      TELL your Congressman/Senator. REPEAL THE USA PATRIOT Act or STAY HOME come next election.

  31. Mary Mennona says

    This makes me glad I left Long Island. Apparently when you have Democrats in control of local governments there, the police fell emboldened to give those they perceive to be Conservatives or TEA Party members the full Soviet treatment.

  32. debrarae says

    I say we BOYCOTT South Hamptom! And let the world know why! How dare they taunt someone whose rights they denied! And now those COWARDLY BULLIES DEFAULT! I say we RAKE THAT TOWN Across the COALS! HOW DARE THEY Deny that poor woman JUSTICE!

  33. says

    I cannot believe I am reading a story like this in America. Why are these men not being investigated. What they did is pure bullying. A cop no less bullying a citizen for WHAT???? TAKING a picture at a tourist attraction at an airport. Are those cops on drugs???? OMG!!!! This kind of conduct by someone who is supposed to protect. They all should have their asses fired for such unbelievable conduct. I’m glad I live in a town where we have respect for our police force and do not have a bunch of THUGS like these assholes running around arresting people. Fire the whole damm bunch of them…………Something fishy if you ask me why they are not on leave for what they did. That police department should have a house cleaning and it should start at the top….leader who is allowing this kind of behavior. You have a leader for a THUG you have Thugs under you. Get rid of all of them. I hope this lady wins her case……for the hell they put her through. Degrading bastards!! Shame on them all.

  34. Sue says

    It’s time for some of these people to lose their jobs. You have to love all of the finger pointing. How about blaming it on the idiot cops that caused it. Fire the cops involved, fire the people in the jail, definitely fire Anna Throne-Holst, she is a moron. I can’t wait until one of the terrorist cops does it to one of their family members.

  35. Scott says

    Over the last 20 years, I have seen police officers go from public servants to some bastardizes paramilitary goon squads. I have lost all respect for police and have taught my children not to trust or cooperate with police. Its tragic what has occurred here.

  36. Disgruntled Reaper says

    Some times a person needs a REAL ‘cleaner’ to sort out the real messes and piles of shit that are around in this country….

    I really hope the cops/fbi/whoever mistreated this woman and was an ACCESSORY in the chain of events gets a boot party and they pay for their arrogance and ‘lack of vision’

  37. LK says

    Sitting here, pondering whether or not to write anything. All comments have been interesting. Yes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Other things to consider is the fact that Nancy now has staph infection in her body. I’ve been told you never get rid of it. Alos, “They” gave her injections in addition to all the harassing, humiliation, and other brutal actions. What were in the injections? She has now been labeled a terrorist, a rightwinger, a teabagger. Wakey, wakey America, your freedoms are going down the commode. Yes there is a God. Stand and see His salvation. Practice II Chron 7:14 and the golden rule. Pray for those in power over us that God will turn them from their wicked ways. Pray that God exposes the truth, and that those doing wrong are exposed. Is it possible that this is happening because we have ignored God’s laws. Man can slay the flesh, but God can slay the spirit. So who should we fear? We have been told for some time that these things would come. They are now upon us, but realize that Babylon is in the process of falling, for we are at the part of King Nebbie’s statue — the feet, which crumble…look up for your redemption draweth nigh. Restitution should definitely be required if the officers are found guilty. Realize that they too have been brainwashed into believing that “we the people” are the enemy. Anyone that is conservative, carries the flag or the Bible, voted for Ron Paul, and the list goes on, is called a terrorist today, not just those in the sandbox. Has everyone forgotten Ruby Ridge & Waco?

  38. Gee Simone says

    *smile* This is just the beginning of karma, or ‘what you reap you sow’ for this group of merry little abusers of authority. I totally agree with the lady up above who simply wrote tons of HAHAHA ….. ALL of these authority figures are going down and it’s going to be at their own hands. Congratulations fellas, you’re about to be busted down to private by the God of the entire Universe, who ALWAYS pays back abuses …. enjoy! Getting a taste of your own medicine will be bitter for you but very, VERY sweet for those you’ve wronged over the years.

  39. Mike says

    Wearing a uniform as a law inforcement officer is an honorable profession, but it’s the man that brings honor to the uniform. Wearing a uniform doesn’t make the man honorable.

  40. Tamara says

    Also note the Southampton town attorney, whose salary — same as the police — is paid by citizens like Nancy Genovese, is defending her adversary in a clear conflict of interest.

  41. Ed Dodge says

    These fuckin politicians and cops have used the phony war on terror to foist the patriot act on all of us, completely trashing the U.S. Constitution. The country has been sold out by Democrats and Republicans alike. They’re all corrupt.

  42. Silver Knight says

    Long story short, police dishonored the badge, and get no penalty at all.

    This is the type of police culture Serpico fought against in New York City.

    Every generation has amnesia of the prior evil. Which is why it always seems brand new every 30 years. Humanity is STUPID.

  43. fay says

    I do not know all the facts of this incident. But from what I have read I feel that all the police officers involved all need to be put in prison and lose all pay, vacation, sick pay, etc. Not be granted a dime. Lose their job and their rights to ever serve anywhere again as a police officer or security officer or any position to help protect the rights of their town/county/state etc. They sexualy violated this women and abused her, caused her to get a major staph infection that could have possibly killed her, good thing it didn’t or they would of had another problem on their record, murder. The FBI found her innocent they should have let her go then without charge or anything. The medical examiner told them to give her the antibiotics and care they refused, lawsuit there. Anyway, glad she got her lawsuit but she deserved more, the town and police department should pay her medical bills and attorney fees from this incident on top of her receiving $70million. The town should also pay for the schooling tuition for her kids since they stole from her. All belongings are to go with the individual and they didn’t follow the bi-laws on that either. It is individuals like these officers that make our police departments look untrustworthy, and we are to trust in them. I am so sorry for this whole family of Nancy’s. This town and state this took place in, well, you just made yourselves look bad. Especially hiring the attorney Sordi, whom messed up and got fired from his prior job. Wow. Amazing. You have def. embarrased your community. May Gods hand be upon all involved in this and may judgement from the Lord be granted. I pray for the individuals involved here to humble yourselves admit your faults ask for forgiveness from the Lord. Thank you Lord, in Jesus’ name amen.

  44. mike says

    This is total insanity and in this case I hope the city has to pay the 70 million dollars and all the people who were making decisions fired for lying. Just so people know I usually side with the police, But with the lack of evidence and no charges filed I must question those in authority.

  45. Dirk Nelson says

    Law suit?? If the victim’s accounts involving this case are true, I think the town, as well as the individual officers involved (both in personal and professional capacities) should compensate this woman for every penny sought, and the scumbag sociopaths with badges responsible for this nonsense should be either imprisoned for life (without -any- chance of parole), or recveive a death penalty upon conviction.

    If the allegations against the ‘officers of the law’ in this case are correct, then only the strongest response to their gross battery, sexual assault, and thievery will teach them (and their colleagues across the country) to uphold their duties in a respectful and professional manner.

    If they’re able to escape punishment for such behavior, and the courts won’t assign proper penalties, then it is up to the citizenry of this nation to make sure they remember their proper boundaries.

    Injustice is either righted in the courts, or it’s resolved in the alleys. One or the other.

    I’m disgusted beyond words!!

  46. Senator Blutarsky says

    “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society
    , over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system
    that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” – Frederic Bastiat, The Law.

    amazing…………the borders of this entire country are WIDE OPEN, and DHS and assorted agenda-driven law dawgs want to use any excuse to harass and intimidate US citizens.

    If there truly was a “war on terror” the borders would have been sealed circa fall-2001. Any person with evil intent can walk across the southern border, with a suitcase full of whatever they wish. But nefarious “laws” such as the onerous Patriot Act are used to terrorize US citizens.

    This is about nothing less than the wholesale surrender of the rights we possess, as explained in the Fourth Amendment. These rights were secured with blood, pain and suffering.Real lives were lost to secure them. Fathers, sons, brothers.

    Real people died. Not some impersonal “founding father” or “patriot” from a history book, but real men and boys. Mothers went childless. Wives were forced to raise their families without their husbands. Children cried themselves to sleep at night after being told that daddy wouldn’t be coming back.

    And just as many families did this on the other side of the Atlantic, the families of those “just doing their jobs”, acting as the agents of tyranny although they may not have been evil, individually.

    Fast forward to today, when we, their descendants, are giving away what they secured…for nothing.Our blood has thinned, it seems.

    Or has it?

  47. Senator Blutarsky says

    The SCUM that has treated this lady & her family like this, need extreme punishment for their abuse of their Oath of Office. They swore to “uphold and defend the Constitution…..”

    They are nothing but theiving 2-bit road pirates and theives.

    “Woe to those who decree unjust statutes and to those
    who continually record unjust decisions, to deprive the
    needy of justice, and to rob the poor of My people of
    their rights …
    Isaiah 10:1,2 (NIV)

  48. Carl Mcfarland says

    Signs were posted around the helicopter saying no filming or photos allowed. The lady supports the troops? What, NG are not troops?

    Imagine if she had been Jihad Jane 2.0 casing a US military facility. Further that she carried out an attack. A whole different bundle of outrage would be directed at Southampton police in that case.

    She admits she had been questioned before. Authorities say they’d asked her to stay away, stop casing the joint, whatever – she denies that. At any rate, they’d seen her before and now they find her with enough guns and ammo for a sustained shootout, $13K in cash, a camera, and a bad attitude.

    Given her persistent casing of the place, the cash and weapon combination could easily be read as the tool-kit of someone planning an attack and escape. I seriously doubt the treatment she received is as she and lawyers are alleging. Her whole line of rap sounds like a child’s gibberish of contrived excuses. I say give her $20K max damages and tell her to get off of this whacked-out FEMA detention camps bull-dookie.

  49. Karen Klebenoff says

    Heads should roll. This needs to be followed up by the press. Pictures should be posted of what Nancy was taking pictures of as well as what the 3 cameras on the car by the police was taking should be public knowledge. ALL of the police officers should be fired and replaced immediately. This is outragious.

  50. Smilie says

    I am afraid that since this went right to a civil suit that they will find some worm hole to crawl threw. If I were her,I would have filed criminal complaints against everyone that so much as looked at me. A lot of work but if just one criminal complaint gets a true bill then the civil suit is one step closer to being un-beatable. And if a public employee gets indited, they are done, go earn an honest living. This is how we take back our country from a corrupt government. Criminal Complaints

  51. says

    Jim stated on here that these are merely allegations in a complaint and there are no facts or merit to the allegations.

    There is one major fact…. one charge of criminal trespass was dismissed. The question.. why was it dismissed if she was in fact criminally trespassing? After all the time and resources spent in investigating this woman, jailing her, setting bail, putting her on suicide watch, having her examined by doctors, having her injected…. only to file no additional charges but to dismiss the original charge instead?? C’mon. There is something very wrong here… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discover that the original officer’s claims were unfounded and the city had no case against her and a dismissal is easier and less damning than taking it all the way through trial only to lose to a jury and then have that against you in the lawsuit as well. I believe I can reasonably deduct that they made a mistake and the passing information from one officer to another started to inflate beyond reality much like when you play the telephone game in 3rd grade and the officers who were not witnesses in the original encounter were reacting merely on hearsay from an overzealous officer. The real criminal here is the first officer with a false arrest, criminal misconduct and malfeasance. The other officers should be investigated for any procedural misconduct and trained in not relying on officer’s testimony to determine their own judgment of an arrested person’s demeanor. I’ve experienced this problem myself. People are lazy and don’t get the facts themselves but rather rely on what other people tell them. What if the person telling you something is just a bad person. You will be shooting yourself in the foot by listening to them. The idea that we should just automatically trust someone cause they can dress in a uniform or a suit is irresponsible and ignorant of human nature. Oh, and the judge should be voted out of office by the people of that county. He obviously also only relies on hearsay and testimonies without any additional evidence of the allegations. A judge doesn’t work for the police or the city or county…. they work for the people as a gatekeeper to ensure that the people’s court is not be held up with ridiculous claims without real evidence. The judge should have thrown it out instead of signing off and then going for excessive bail… which btw is not legal, constitutionally anyways. Really, $50,000 for criminal trespass? I never heard of a misdemeanor having a $50,000 bail…. maybe a $300 cash bond… but that is it.

    So Facts – charges of criminal trespass dismissed
    bond for misdemeanor criminal trespass – $50,000?
    Detained and processed over two days? Why?

    If the criminal trespass was not considered a misdemeanor, was a grand jury called for an indictment? Why not? And at what point does a regular trespass become larger than a misdemeanor if that is the case here? Why was there allegations of terrorism without any charges, where is the due process and how can those allegations even be considered moving forward in a trespass case if no additional charges of terrorism were even filed? Is there a new crime called terroristic trespassing now? By the allegations alone in the plaintiffs claim, I am skeptical of why this woman was detained for so long, arrested and interrogated and then later dismissed after two day in jail and hospital??? Am I missing something?

  52. Sally says

    I cannot believe the abuse of a person and their rights.

    Somthing is definitely wrong in that town!!

    Nancy deserves everything she gets and then some.

    Very interested in seeing whether or not the judge is as corrupt as the police, or whether he will do the lawful thing. The town supervisor seems to think everything will be okay. So what does she know about the judge that makes her think that?

  53. Mike says

    Well,maybe I missed it,where in the hell did this happen? There are counties with the same name in the state of Virginia–I read references to Long Island,New York etc.Was this in England?

    If all allegations as stated are true,and the lady wins the lawsuit and collects the $70 million—go hire well known lawyer(s) ie:ones like O.J. Simpson had and the lady take the rifle and shoot the bastards that mistreated her,she can say she was target practicing–first shoot them in the groin,then the knees,then the elbows and they should live with great pain—Revenge can be sweet especially under these circumstances—and they would deserve every bit of it—
    Unfortunately,none of this will happen,and she will be extremely fortunate to get any money out of this—

    Just a thought,after all is said and done,this should be made in a movie and maybe she could receive some money in that manner—

  54. Dirk Nelson says

    Someone -honestly- believes that a person ‘casing’ a potential target is walking around with a visible camera, a rifle, and gobbs of cash, all in a car parked with no cover, in plain view, by itself?? And that this is the mark of a would-be terrorist?? To take those items to an area not far from where that person lives, and where that person could just as easily have left those items at home, so as not to draw attention, were they -really- planning an act of terror?? Really? Someone believes this??

    Supposedly ‘highly-trained law enforcement officers, schooled in the art of counter-terrorism” would think that a woman with cash and an unloaded, properly-locked-in-a-case rifle is preparing to target a facility by taking pictures of a helicopter fuselage?? Really?? Standing out like a sore thumb, or some sort of a neon sign, reading, “Look at me!! Look at me!!” .. Really??

    ‘Cause, …. what? She’s potentially going to shoot a likeness of a helicopter? Or perhaps take pictures of an airport?? Like the thousands of tourists who shoot such pictures of airports in the U.S. each year?? Really?

    And her tuition money for her sons’ schooling is.. what?? Get-away money for a trip to.. lemme guess… Mexico? Palestine? Paraguay, perhaps? Where GW now owns a massive ranch, and where there’s dubious notions of any extradition treaty??

    Or perhaps she’d be whisked away on a hover-craft to some uncharted tropical Island, run by Dr. No, having paid some free-lancer to transport her??

    Is it any wonder the government in this country has been able to strip the rights of the citizenry so easily, and with such little resistance???

    ‘Cause if there’s more than just a few folks who believe there’s some significant plausibility attributable to those ‘surreal scenarios,’ then we’re in a -lot- mre trouble than anyone knows, in terms of our collective intellect….


  55. Chaviv Lazar says

    Here in New Hampshire we have a state statute by RSA Chapter 508:4-c that reads for Superior court cases of not an exact $amount on the Writ of Summons but of to put of “within any minimum or maximum jurisdictional limits of the court”. So if there is any default like in an Appearance Form filed but no written Answer within 30 days of the Appearance, then there’s what’s called a “Decree Pro Confesso” that is NOT a “final” judgment but that goes onto a damage hearing to determine how much has to be paid by the losing party, that when over $1500 by Article 20 is done by a jury. I suspect that a similar procedure is with the Federal courts.

  56. guysbigbutt says

    “Ah, procedurally…there was a procedural omission…ah…and an answer was never filed.” BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! WHAT A DOPE!!

  57. jonick says

    Still there is no reason to refuse her an attorney, and refuse medical treatment. All the searches were illegal, and there is no crime to carry cash. 13k is not a lot for tuition these days.

  58. Toni says

    Nancy needs an excellent attorney to take this case. If we as Americans allow this behavior to continue we are doomed. The Patriot Act has allowed these abuses to take place. Is it possible the town did not want this case to be heard in court due to the actions by everyone envolved, the Act should be challenged based on this case. Is there somewhere to donate to her cause and if not we need to take up a collection to help her. It could be any one of us next time.

  59. Rick says

    Ever hear of the old TV show Dark Justice where perps slip out of court without a conviction. This is what needs to be done to all involved in this case. Our hearts and prayers go out to Nancy.

  60. Smith says

    Alright! Now, the town of Southamptom will raise taxes in order to pay for her settlement! She can sit back and watch Glen Beck and collect her money, all on the taxpayers’ dime.

  61. Robert666 says

    The TOWN hired the deadbead cop
    The TOWN hired the IDIOT attorney
    The TOWN Called this frivolous
    The one the called it frivolous should be handcuffed and paraded around for 6 hours and then lets see.



  62. Marko says

    Several of you refer to the towns people as though they are innocent in regards to this case. They are not. Actually they are directly responsible for the thugs they placed in these elected positions. They are no less responsible for the behavior of these thugs than the Egyptian people were for allowing their recently overthrown thug to reign for nearly 30 years.

    The Egyptians did something about it. It is time people take a look at those who they have blindly elected to office and determine what kind of liability the constituency base may be exposed to. A corporation is a corporation is a corporation. A town is nothing more that a very large body of stockholders and they will bear the ultimate responsibility to fiduciary law.

    Hold your Board of Directors (elected officials) responsible for doing your business. Are you listening Wisconsin? –Recall the dead weight!

  63. says

    I am outraged that the cities and counties, by whom the thugs posing as police officers were hired, did not fire their sorry asses immediately and arrest them! They are lower than the scum that they are pretending to protect us against!

  64. Amy says

    James Mallone is a great attorney. He is right to the point, articulate, knows the law, knows the facts, and he takes no baloney. Which is what your Town definitely needs. Ms. Holst on the other hand is incompetent, not honest, talks in circles, stumbling over her words because she is not telling the truth as she is speaking. She should be taken off of the board. She is lazy and negligent.
    The town already got rid of Sordi but not before the town signed some agreement that he is not responsible for any of the cases or things that he had been working on before he was ousted.
    Where are the sheriffs, and policemen and fbi agents and all of those people who jerked this lady around for days and days, lying about the facts, and just wasting everybody’s time and tax dollars as well? Do they all still have a job? Do we have to pay their salaries and benefits? Where is the money that was “missing” from this woman’s wallet? This is dispicable.
    This is a $70 million lawsuit. When you are in “the system” and you get some dead beat cop who has no life who wants to take his sad life out on you, you are in big, big trouble. They can lie all they want, which they did here, have papers signed saying you are “crazy” and off you go into the abyss of nowhere for days, months and years. Don’t get me wrong, I love policemen, agents, sheriffs, etc. They are fantastic, great humored, have seen the worst anyone could not even imagine, great, great people. But here that is not the case.
    Hey, I would get the best lawyer I know and I would sue for a lot more than that!

  65. MikeZ says

    The video was particularly entertaining. One thing that really struck me was the chairwoman trying to imply that the mistakes made by Sordi were lessened by the fact that the lawsuit is “frivolous”. Stepping back from whether or not you think the lawsuit is frivolous* this seems completely backwards. Losing a 70M to a frivolous lawsuit is even more troubling to losing a suit that has merit.

    *Personally if the facts laid out on this blog are accurate I don’t believe things are frivolous, it would have been nice to hear the city’s version of the story but Sordi would have had to file an answer for that.

  66. Bob says

    Just a warning to the people of this community. If you zoom out from the google picture, you will find a ball field approximately 800 feet to the south of the helicopter. Don’t take your cameras to photograph your family/friends or you may end up being arrested. Many of your pictures will be aimed directly at the airport and the military planes stationed there.

  67. Les Ederheim says

    The absolute nerve of these half assed cops….I hope she owns the whole town when her lawyer finishes with them….Talk about Gestapo tactics….Is Hitler backing this police force ??????

  68. SD says

    At face value I think the rifle, the cash and (if one of the comments about signs posted prohibiting pictures is true) taking pictures, warrant additional investigation. The pictures/camera, if prohibited, provide cause for the stop. Turning up the rifle and cash cause for investigation.

    I would think it would have been prudent to run wants and warrants, check for a record, see if the Feds want her, see if she was a long term/legitimate resident, confiscate the rifle and the cash. Advise her not to leave town and turn her loose. Proceed to investigate her background and if it’s clean and her family is clean give her back her things the next day with a sorry but we have to be careful. That would be both prudent and reasonable.

    The fact alone that none of the federal people had any interest in her should have been enough to turn her loose.

    Obviously what is posted is her attorney’s pleading and will be exagerated to some degree. BUT, the rough treatment (if unwarrated) the extended incarceration, the violation of her personal privacy by males, the forced medication, the procedural harrasment, and the possible theft of cash cry out for punitive action. She is entitled to reasonable punitive damages.

    A couple of days in jail, minor mistreatment, and probobly the most serious claim; caused her to contract Staph say $2-5 million?

    Those involved and their supervisors should be fired. If they are not they will just end up costing the taxpayers more down the road. I am a firm believer in punish the wrong doer and his superior. It’s a little rough on the first superior but after wards the new boss knows and conveys it had better be done right because he knows the consequences.

    I personally would not want to have the duties or initial power of law enforcement. There are those who do it flawlessly. There are many who should go to jail for the way they do it. I think these may be some of them.

    The statement that a criminal complaint should be filed is on point.

  69. Don says

    This is an example of polkice brutality and incompetence. All of the local officers involved in this incident should be terminated and their police warents be revoked and they never be allowed to be employed in lawenforcement again. This should include every local officer or supervisor involved in the incident. As the article states at the begining, this is an example of people with badge over stepping their boundry. I think she should receive every penny she can get from the city and county – maybbe 70 million is low. I would suggest it be about four time this because it involves people who are sworn to serve and protect.

  70. G Henderson says

    This case represents a perfect example of government totally out of control. Much of the mistreatment of Nancy Genovebamse was enabled by the heinous laws passed by the Bush Administration. Homeland Security, the Patriot Act and other similar laws passed by the Bush Chaney administration destroyed the US Constitution. While i do not support Obama the Bush administration easily holds the position as the worst president in modern history. Republicans should be ashamed and certainly have no right to criticize anyone!

  71. WA says

    Here’s a problem with your recommendations, as has been pointed out above.

    The rifle: How did the cop know the rifle was in her possession?
    He did not have a search warrant at the time he entered the trunk. He is not allowed (ie against the law) to search closed spaces of a vehicle without a warrant or the permission of the owner/agent. No permission was granted. If the cop did not know there was a rifle and had no authority to look for a rifle, then there is no reason for the cop to unlawfully open the trunk of the car.

    Consider if this cop had just followed her home from the rifle range, demanded the right to search her garage and everything in it, and upon being refused, kicked in the door and went looking for evidence (of what?…we’ll know when we see it?).

    Confiscate a rifle that an agent of a government only knew about because of his illegal acts? That’s theft. Plain pure and simple. He had no authority of any kind to look for it, thus no legal basis to know of its existence. The laws required the rifle to be unloaded for transport, to prevent it from being an immediate threat to anyone, which it was, and it was not in plain view, being locked in a trunk. If he had no authority to enter the trunk, he had no legal knowledge of its existence, and no right to confiscate anything.

    That search was completely inappropriate. It served no purpose but to further place residents on guard against an abusive police force. And we, as the residents of towns across the nation need a police force we can trust and work with. Can’t trust ‘em, can’t work with ‘em. Then they lose effectiveness against true criminals and we lose protection we are paying for.

    Run the warrant check, sure. But again, what reason does the cop have to do this?

    A citizen on a public right of way, can take what ever pictures she/he wants in the United States. This was New York State, not Port-Au-Prince. In fact, if he did, the woman’s record appears to be clean.

    Find out if she is a long term resident? Why on earth is that important. She has the same rights, privileges and obligations if she had moved there yesterday as if she was born in her grandfather’s house. It is quite frankly, none of the government’s business how long I live where, except for certain licensing information I am required to give timely. Tell her not to leave town? House arrest? What cause? We have to be careful? Of what? What is she was, in fact, a tourist? Passing through on her way home in say, Vermont? Deprive her of her liberty to go home? Our founding fathers were highly concerned about this and structured the limits on our government to prevent just this scenario.

    Give her stuff back, with an apology the next day, fine. That mitigates the damage, but does not excuse it, and damage is still done and must be compensated. An apology and an offer of $25k in exchange for a release? Well, now we’re heading in the right direction. No apology was given. Abuse, upon abuse was heaped. This is inexcusable.

    Is $70M too much? I’d say so, but for those of who have not been sued, the way it works is a process server walks up and hands you a SUMMONS and COMPLAINT. In the case of a municipality, this is generally the registered agent or attorney. Clearly the town’s attorney knew of, but ignored the lawsuit. The SUMMONS is quite clear and states, “You are hereby summoned and required to file with the Clerk of This Court and serve upon the Plaintiff’s attorney, an answer to the complaint which is herewith served upon you, within 30 days after service of this summon upon you, exclusive of the day of service. If you fail to do so, judgment will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the complaint.

    Lawsuit are not things one ignores, especially frivolous lawsuits. In a frivolous lawsuit, the government can collect its costs of defense. Unless of course the government’s lawyer chooses to allow a frivolous lawsuit to default, in which case, they pay. You ignore a lawsuit, any kind of lawsuit, you pay what the plaintiff demands, upon entry of default. There is only one way out: bankruptcy, and then only if you can convince another federal judge you cannot pay the judgment.

    Voters of Southampton should immediately begin a recall campaign against the Town supervisor, for dereliction of duty: she hired the incompetent attorney, despite his past issues, and apparently has hired another town attorney who was fired for “personal” reasons to replace him. And granted him a release from all liability for his legal malpractice which is quite apparent.

    The taxpayers of Southampton are on the hook, and perhaps, if the default is final, and they have to pay $70M, they should start by eliminating its police force and town supervisor positions. Should be quite a bond issue. Wonder what the rate will be?

  72. says

    I am very concerned about the ‘injections’ Nancy was given without any explanation. Accusations of injection of cancer cells have occured in the past.
    This case needs to go to SCOTUS!
    We The People need to put an end to the madness of those who act under cover of authority. If we think there are more dangers out there so that we need more protection from thugs and thieves, we need to understand that some of those thugs and thieves are in the military, law enforcement, gov’t agencies and elected Boards and Bodies. We may be in more danger from legalized theft and control of our actions than we are actual criminals. In or outside the law, dangers exist.

  73. Nappo says

    This whole “Homeland Security” farce created by a criminal named Bush is branding any person – from infant to retiree – into a potential terrorist for those brainless idiots assigned to provide the imagined “Security”.
    Perhaps if a 5 yr old with a toy waterpistol would have been sitting in the back of her car, it would also have been shackled and interrogated by those pigs with a badge. America has become a sorry country as it has slipped to the bottom of places for freedom deprived people.

  74. frank says

    This video is a great info tool we should have of every elected office and town board before election day. Show every pending lawsuit. I’d like to know if some bureaucrat has been sued a few times. Vote them out. Why not use our ID card to vote at any ATM in the world ? One server can bring up your local poll list and take your vote. Every ID , driver license and credit card has a bar code . You swipe it at check-in kiosks in airports, two seconds and all your info screens up and prints your ticket. One swipe-one vote. No more ACORN signing up Mickey Mouse names and then absentee vote with it. No more overseas troops not getting their vote in time.

  75. John says

    I wonder how “frivolous” this lawsuit would be if any one of them were treated the same way for taking a photo!?!??!

    Are these morons for real???

  76. Bob Harington says

    Where is the justice when good officers sacrifice their safety and lives daily across the nation while scum such as these continue to walk free?

    May the fascist bastards involved in the torture of Nancy Genovese be dragged screaming to hell by Satan himself.

  77. Mark in Sandy Eggo says

    My wild guess – she had some sort of Tea Party related bumper sticker that set the whole thing off. Combine that with the hysteria being spun up with the Public Employee Union actions in Wisconsin and Ohio, and even Governor Cuomo is talking about how the public employees need to give back on what they had been promised.

    Meanwhile, here comes little miss tea partier, with her asinine calls for limited government and lower taxes. “She’s a terrorist, just like Scott Walker. Get her!!!!!!”

    Just a guess.

  78. Leatherneck says

    Just as I was pondering whether to come back to LI for my 50th reunion of Riverhead HS class of ’61 this comes up. I think I’ll just stay here in free Virginia where we value individual rights and try to purge our police of thugs who abuse the Patriot Act.

    After spending an adult lifetime defending our country and our way of life, this disgusts me.


  79. Becky says

    “Frivolous”? Wow!!! The woman making that statement completely underscores how incompetent this board is!!

    Just Undersheriff Caracappa’s press release is enough to justify a judgement in my mind. And that was just the icing on this cake.

    Why haven’t they settled? This case has clear merit. Are those officers still employed? This board better stop deluding themselves that this will go away because people will laugh her off as a frivolous “tea-bagger”. They better get proactive to deal with appears to be a very serious case of police brutality.

    Did political ideology blind them to the seriousness of this case? If so, the townspeople who voted them in deserve what will happen.

  80. Paul says

    Why do people consider what happened to her to be so wrong yet demand other suspected criminals be treated that way. Is there a double standard here? How is the officer to know who is the good person and who isn’t?

    And no, having large amounts of cash or an unloaded gun in your car may not be against the law but she was disrespectful and tried to argue her case to the officers and not follow their instructions and answer their questions. With all taken together it made a pretty bad picture. If they said it was an Arab man in his twenties instead of a conservative mother of three everyone on this board would be making completely different comments

  81. david schiavoni says

    i feel for her the town did the same thing to me on a zoning matter, its time we take are town back , for 45 yaers this town ran good with the old school rules.. help thy neighbor.. bring him home in cop car if drunk. now its how can we keep are jobs 20 years so they get pensions and benifits . so all us hard working local people can pay the 600 towm employes now and for the next 60 years each. these deal for benifits and pension were made when med insurance was 200 a month now they are 2500 a month. if we dont change the sysetem we all are done. take me for that word.. TAKE ARE TOWN BACK

  82. yea me says

    after what the cops lied about and did to this woman i hope she gets 100 million and everyone involved is fired with no pensions

  83. Jason says

    @Paul… That is exactly the point; she doesn’t have to answer their questions legally. She should have only refused verbally to any search or seizure of her vehicle. I don’t know if she was disrespectful or not, but I don’t see where it says she was, or see any dashcam video giving proof otherwise, but while being disrespectful and arguing your case or generally not being cooperative, may not be the best for the situation, it does not give any officer blanket permission to start stepping all over the constitution and a citizen’s rights, and be an asshole. One thing for sure is, and I think Law enforcement officer’s think they have carte blanche to ask any question they want, they can, but you have no legal compulsion to answer them.

    “How is the officer to know who is the good person and who isn’t?”
    What makes a pretty bad picture is law enforcements’ actions and words, aside from trampling rights, it is pretty apparent some of those officers’s motivation wasn’t finding out who is good or bad, but had a whole other agenda motivating them.

    The ACLU isn’t my favorite organization, but has a pretty good video about your rights and handling situations such as these

  84. mark hoffman says

    incredibly i am going through a similiar situation here in virginia. i have hired a lawyer but if anybody can help please contact me via email. i am a tea partier and concealed carry license holder. i to was thrown in jail for 13 hours, denied medicines for my diabetes and left the jail in an ambulance in diabetic shock.

  85. Julianna says

    I think after watching this video all these people with the exception of maybe two are idiot’s Nancy has been put threw hell and they should pay up!!

  86. Scooter says

    This type of abuse of power needs to be addressed. This lady should take the time and notoriety gained here and use it to her advantage. She should run for leadership of the council and remove the officers who are acting like thugs. This corrupted system can be most easily changed from within. Failing that a grassy knoll near the offenders home would offer good use of her other skill set. Sic Semper Tyranus !!!

  87. Rand E. Gerald says

    Since the police press release was published on the web, it is not slander, but the more serious charge of libel.

  88. Peter Merkin says

    I hope the town goes broke and the “police department” is forced to be disbanded. They are a disgrace to our country. Let them go find a job in North Korea, they would be at home there and safe from “teabaggers”

  89. rosie says

    she needs to own the whole damn town when this is settled. this was just a couple of men with a badge, that were bored and made a little bit of nothing into a whole shit load of nothing. trying O so hard to find some thing to get her in trouble for so they didnt look like dumb asses for causing such a scene. those dumb asses need to have a specticale made of themselves and be treated like the pieces of crap they are. they must have

  90. dog says

    It is easy to see what happened here. Too much time on the hands of the police and sheriffs dept. They have a quota of suspicious persons that they have to meet, and they figured that with the gun, camera, gun, and cash (esp cash) they hit the jackpot! So of course they take the cash, and the gun for themselves.

    The missing cash must be assumed to be stolen, and each of the leos who had access to the cash should be prosecuted under joint and several liability, and all should go to jail for grand theft. Same for the rifle. This was a serious violation of law and civil rights. The jailers should likewise be punished.

  91. Platoon Sergeant Chee says

    The problem: Good and decent cops simply do not police their own.
    Every cop involved, from local to federal should be arrested, indicted,
    tried, convicted and jailed. Only harsh punishment will convince the
    stupid that criminal conduct by cops is a crime. Amazing abuse of

  92. Bill Riedel says

    I disagree with the attorneys in only one area. $70 million is an appropriate amount, assuming what we read was the real story. How any police department can do this to law-abiding American citizens breaking no laws is beyond me. I would like to see the town be bankrupted and forced to clean out the corrupt department. When I hear stories like this, I am embarrassed to be an American.

  93. Frank says

    this trial shoul not be held in S.Hampton.. this is right out of 1935 as to what happened in
    Germany under A.Hitler. also what has taken place in Russia. If this what is taking place
    In the U.S.A? We are all at risk to be taken to the Big House.

  94. mach37 says

    Did not Town Attorney Sordi have an assistant or two to take over his duties while his personal affairs were distracting him from this official duties? I don’t see “personal issues” as any defense for failure to perform his duties in a timely manner. He and his office is as guilty as Officer Iberger for the unlawful detainment of Ms. Genovese.

  95. Ed says

    While all this is ‘pending’ Nancy et al should see to it that commercial liens are filed against *all* the defendants, ESPECIALLY the criminal cop. That way he won’t even be able to buy groceries until this is resolved and some rarely seen justice is achieved in this case.

    Rogue criminal “Law Enforcement” thugs make it extremely difficult for legitimate RESPONSIBLE Peace Officers out there to do their jobs. It’s high time they were held accountable for their crimes. Ask yourselves why you rarely – if ever – see these kinds of cases aired on “Court TV” and the like?

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