Police Lieutenant Robert Iberger, Villain in the Nancy Genovese Case, Retires

     Robert Iberger, the Southampton Town Police Lieutenant at the center of the Nancy Genovese case (Mother of 3 Arrested for Taking Pictures of Tourist Attraction at Airport), has officially retired.

    May 1, 2012 was his first day of retirement, after 32 years on the job. He walked away with a $215,483.44 payout, plus payroll liabilities. Not to mention his full pension and medical for the rest of his life. How much do you think Nancy Genovese will get?


  1. Brad says

    Good, one less dirt bag on policing the streets!

    She deserves everything she is asking for if not more! Maybe they should toss in the infested stations (police and others) so she can clean house!

  2. Scott Cottrill says

    As a fromer state probation officer, I simply detest corrupt cops and politicians. There is always the danger of trying a case in the media before the facts come out in court. However, if the facts are anything as you state or as the media has presented, this man is a deplorable monster who should be held accountable to the fullest extent for his actions in her arrest. I believe there is a covenant that exists where a person lays down their rights for retribution and the state, for the peace of society, exercises it on their behalf. However, when justice fails, it is the state, not the individual who has reneged on the covenant. This case as well as others like it may see private citizens taking justice into their own hands. The town supervisor who called this a frivolous lawsuit should be publicly humiliated for part in trying to quash justice.

  3. sandra says

    This was a truly disgusting set of circumstances. I live not too far from an airport with the same sort of display outside and, if you get out of your car, walk up very close and look at the 4″x6″ plaque on the wall next to it it tells you not to photograph the display. But when you are that close you can’t get a photo of the entire display, you would have to do that from the roadside across the street.
    In any event, the behavior of the Suffolk County police was deplorable. I assume none of them have wives or mothers or belong to the NRA or hunt. I’m hoping the money they stole from her purse, being tainted money, will make them miserable somehow. Karma has a way of making sure they pay for their deeds.
    I am so very glad we don’t have to visit Long Island as frequently as we used to. Fascists.

    • Beepster says

      If they don’t want photos taken, there should be signs along the roadway stating, “NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED THE NEXT ‘XX’ MILES.” Then you can do the stupid stuff that was done in this case. They should be glad I’m not the judge in this case. They would all be on death row!!!! Those idiots wouldn’t last very long around here. Be a lot of funerals.

  4. Tom says

    Personally, I believe that the kind of treatment received by the victims in this case is something usually reserved for the subjects of kinds, despots, tyrants and their jackbooted thugs such as the KGB, the little Muslim islamic rock throwers and the like. Only under the current tyrant’s regime could thugs such as Southampton Police Lieutenant Robert Iberger do something like this and apparently get away with it. “Right wingers,” “tea baggers” and what ever other names like this he might have used, only go to show him as the same kind of small minded little biased and prejudiced (in my opinion) scumbag that is currently working to subvert our laws and the U.S. Constitution, viewing these as obsticles to the kinds of injustice they so desperately seek to mete out.

    As such, I personally hope that the full $70 million is rewarded to this woman and her family, perhaps with further punative damages heaped upon the award and that it is upheld throughout the appeals processes, perhaps with additional awards based upon possible and likely (again, in my opinion) attempts to delay payment until the award is overturned or reduced being ruled by these same reviewing courts as being arbitrary and capricious and only adding to the injury through unreasonable delay.

    Then, if the city does right, they should (hopefully) seek full compensation from the former Southampton Police Lieutenant Robert Iberger personally and all cohorts who aided him throughout the ordeal, followed by termination of these accomplices without frther compensation. Only in this way can such criminals serve as evidence that their crimes cannot and will not be tolerated and serve as examples of what should happen when they dare to try to abuse, humiliate and harm others unjustlly.

    Failing this, the Southampton Police Department and the city only serve as evidence of the intolerance, injustice and truly criminal and unAmerican, unconstitutional direction this nation is taking and further evidence that the leadership of this nation is taking us to the point of no return as a totalitarian regime that must be returned to the republic for which we once proudly stood. Such evil leaders as those who allow this kind of travisty to go unchallenged and rewarded should be removed and replaced lawfully, with true patriotic citizens with all due haste and NEVER permitted to return to power, ostricised and censured in every way.

  5. SlammoFandango says

    So I just did a google maps search of the area she was photographing (gee, I hope the stormtroopers don’t kick my door in) and you can see the ‘art’. You can also, by using google maps, get a street view with a 360 degree look around of the area with excellent detail. If ‘Terrorists’ wanted to get a feel for breaking into that airport, they hardly need somebody’s mom to take pictures for them.
    We don’t have ‘Terrorist Events’ in this country. What we instead have are events staged by those whose main motivation is justifying their superflous jobs. What we need to understand is that although this woman isn’t at all a terrorist, the cops are advertizing the perceived need for you to be protected against some nebulous fear which really only exists because they keep telling you about how it is they are protecting you against it.
    All of the ‘Thwarted Terrorist Events’ since 9/11 have in fact been set-ups of hapless people who were of no danger to us in any way and at most were people caused to be dangerous because DHS made them dangerous so as to ‘catch’ them being dangerous later on after making them appear dangerous which makes it appear that we can’t afford to not fund DHS’s absurdly large budget.
    The cops don’t care if they are found to be in the wrong because any publicity for the most part perpetuates our fear and acceptance of absurd laws we are led to believe will quell that fear. Taxpayers will be the one’s compensating this woman anyway and the budgets will be increased after the police is commended for ‘responding’ even though they responded incorrectly.

  6. Quazar says

    Unlike most people here, I read the original reports on this incident. The real crime here is lawyers trying to make a city pay because their client was dumb and incompetent and willfully disobeyed the law.

    The fact is, this was not a tourist attraction. This is an Air Guard Military base.
    She had been warned to stay away by the Major in-charge of the base unless on official business. Though she claims they only questioned her and never mentioned staying away.
    There are photos stating you cannot take pictures.
    She had a XM-15 assault rifle and a shot gun in the passenger front seat. You do not need “Permission” to search in plane sight.
    She claims she had the guns because she was going to go shooting but upon getting to the range changed her mind due to an ankle injury she “Forgot she had”.
    She said she had 13000 CASH on her, but here is nothing to back this claim. Even still it is just as likely her kids took the money as it is the cops did. Also, she had it because she was headed to the school to pay tuition, with GUNS in the front seat.
    Everything about her original statements is erratic, which is probably why she spent time in the loony bin that weekend.

    The COP, yeah the poor bastard walking up on a car with guns in the front seat after the airguard requested him to come to the scene to investigate retired 3 years after the incident. With a story like “oh I have guns and ammo in the front seat because I was going to go shooting and then changed my mind, and I stopped to take tourist pictures on the way to my kids school to pay tuition with 13000 in cash, and yes I have been told to stay off base which is why I am taking pictures from across the street, had a duty to call his superiors. Funny that with all those branches there the assumption is that everyone is crooked. She is the poor innocent thing. ALso funny she isn’t suing everyone, just the small little town.

    Oh yeah, the story screams of misconduct, by a citizen and not law enforcement.

    • Quinth says

      You are an *****, and you are willfully ignoring or misinterpreting the facts in this case in order to excuse police brutality and corruption. You are part of the problem.

    • Veronika says

      You do realize that that the police officer writes the report, right? He writes what he wants to, whether or not it is the truth.

    • lloydrmc says

      Huh. except that she wasn’t in her car when they detained her, and she says there was one rifle, and it was in a locked case in the trunk, and I’m more inclined to believe her.

      And all that notwithstanding, that still doesn’t allow them to violate her fourth amendment rights, nor her right to counsel (which they repeatedly denied).

      • Terry Shan says

        Welcome to abuse of the Patriot Act. It does not matter what laws exist or what form of government you have, if you elect people without moral character you will end up with corruption and abuse of power. And this is what we have and will have more of going forward.

    • Gordon says

      Quazar, you are missing the most important point. The lady wasn’t breaking any laws. Meanwhile the police broke many rules which they must be held accountable for. If you want to be an obedient slave to the police state then that is your choice. However most of us do not want to be.

  7. RG says

    He should not collect any pension what he and his officers did. Throw them in the deepest pit in the death valley, so we don’t have to feed them.

  8. Terry Shan says

    One word does not say it all but is true none-the-less, “unbelievable.” Having said unbelievable I must add, get used to it. I am a full supporter of the police, and of a rational application of the Patriot Act, but I have to say that the laws that have been recently created under the Act and other laws are going to make it much easier for this kind of thing to happen. And believe me, it will happen. This one cop, Caporappa or whatever, is a sleezbag if all this is true. His ass should be hung out to dry. And, if all this is true, the problem is running rampant in the department. Iberger and every cop that participated in this action (again if true) should have their asses hung out to dry as well. This kind of buddy system and peer pressure is what keeps honest people from coming forward. And while I reiterate my support of the police (they are in extremely difficult situations with the stupid criminal beneficial laws we have) if a cop is dirty, his punishment should be double. And it looks to me like we need to get rid of these bias left wingers in law enforcement. It will be the left wingers that will enforce the totaliterian state when it takes over and it is coming to a country near you, soon.

  9. Paul says

    Where is the ACLU on this violation of a persons liberty? Seems like this Police Lieutenant did something criminal and got rewarded for it. It’s a shame. Wrong is wrong.

  10. BWB says

    I say if she wins to freeze his retirement, file charges and have his check be part of the pay out.

  11. Sonia says

    This and other stories are the reason I DO NOT TRUST THE POLICE. There just legalized bullies. They have never come to my aid when I needed them.

  12. vincent says

    Quazar works for the county, so expect this overpaid parasite to slander and abuse everyone. Take an early pension, ***!

  13. M says

    So what is going on in the passed year or two in the Southampton Town Hall and SHPD? It appears some people are covering backs…. This mother of three, Nancy Genovese was arrested July 30 2009. SHPD has “lost” records 1990 to 2009. Criminal charges from the county and state against the town of Southampton, but this says only one John Doe?

    Suffolk DA Seizes Police Documents From Town Hall
    Investigators from the county’s Government Corruption Bureau subpoena Southampton Town Wednesday morning for documents said to contain “every confidential personnel police investigation from the police department from the years 1990-2009.”

    Southampton Town Police Lt. Kiernan Suspended


  14. fightfascism says

    Quazar is probably one of the thugs involved. He obviously thinks that merely HAVING A GUN IN A CAR licenses police to kidnap someone on spurious charges and otherwise act like the NKVD. This kind of scum is turning America into a third world cess pool of corruption. If the Feds really wanted to fight terrorism, they’d send a predator drone to vaporize the petty tyrants.

  15. Terry Shan says

    This is like something out of a conspiracy theory movie “The China Syndrome,” where there are multiple cover-ups. One thinks, “Not here, not in America.” The reality is that all this kind of thing is coming to a country near you. There will be more Robert Ibergers and with certain provisions of the Patriot Act it will be sanctioned and legal. We need the Patriot Act or something very much like it, but we don’t need it to include a loss of due process and a denial of our Citizenship and we don’t need it to be administered by Robert Ibergers or those who are like him. Like the left-wing Iberger we have an administration that is moving in that direction, to a totalitarian state. He is typical of their mentality. Any system, any laws, (like the Patriot Act) can be corrupted as long as we have corrupt people administering them. The larger the bureaucracy, the more opportunity for corruption to enter. A big bureaucracy is what is being built now with all the Czars being appointed who are circumventing the Cabinet Appointments who in turn are supposed to be vetted by the Senate. The checks and balances put in place by our forefathers are being circumvented. We need another change, a different change, this last change was not for the better. This last change was one big mistake.

  16. End Qualified Immunity says

    The doctrine of Qualified Immunity protects these criminals from prosecution for their crimes. Time to return to justice, time to end Qualified Immunity.

  17. AJ says

    Every cop involved in this case should be personally sued for everything they own, and face criminal charges, too. They all deserve to have their lives destroyed.

  18. jd says

    You know who else should “walk away”? The taxpayers of the town he just raped…move to Florida and let the town file for bankruptcy like Vallejo,CA, then default on all his benefits.

    What about a kidnapping charge, theft, the Constitutional violations of NG, etc…? He should do 10 years at least…

  19. KC says

    The east end town police are backward. They have been for years. Unlike most metro area police, there is NO OVERSIGHT. No police review board, and no Internal Affairs.

    A friend of mine in her early 60s living on the east end, said in winter a cop trailed her all the way home making her drive fearfully the whole time. When she reached her drive way and went in he went nuts putting on the siren. She said they have nothing better to do.

    This town police department IS NOT NYS ACCREDITED. No policies to make sure this doesn’t happen.

    They are overseen by the town board. The town board likes having muscle and doesn’t care.

    Once in the police precinct to file a complaint, we were told by two young people that their cousin was beat up after an accident by police, and went back to PA. Before he did he was told if he complained they would harm his family. I am saying it nicer than was told to me and my close friend (an attorney) that day.

    The police are mixed with good and not qualified to carry a badge… as are all police departments. That is why oversight that is objective is needed.
    They are so used to protection, their badges are never on the line, and they get overly confident they can do anything without being fired.

    Unless a person finds a lawer no action would have ever been taken.

    70 million is not enough. Period. That is our constitution they are messing with. You don’t abuse citizens no matter how paranoid or bored. And you don’t steal from them.

    The two boys were likely traumatized to see people supposed to help and be honest, lie, steal and hurt their mother.

    What hell they put her through.

    Our sympathies – but also our congratulations for bringing this long standing problem to light fully. It takes someone like Nancy Genovese to not go home and forget about it!

    Thanks for defending all of our freedom with this very public lawsuit.

    The suicide watch was scary! Who knows what they were thinking or up to… I’d have feds all over the precinct to see what other nonsense they are up to!!

  20. KC says

    One more thing…. This is how it is in ALL SMALL TOWNS – most undereducated people or those without legal access or those who fear using it…. let these things go unreported.

    What makes the Hamptons so interesting is… it IS the country and like all small towns, where the police can dominate an area.

    It clashes with all the Wall Street, Hollywood, and metro area crowd that come in and expect it to be fully civilized.

    This IS small town police behavior, and it is only being brought to light because of the influx of Big Town people that are outraged and feel safe enough to do something.

    All small town police departments in every town in every city NEED oversight. Because people are ill equipped to handle a bully with a badge and when something threatens the bully they trump up charges impossible for the person and family to dig out of.

    This is actually a bigger issue………… just happens to be highlighten more easily in Southampton because of the culture clash of Big/Small town mentalities.

    Federally there should be an online complaint form that goes to the FBI. A high number of complaints should get some FEDS in precincts that play games like that.

    We deserve that. But politcally we don’t like federal controlling local…… or states….

    but in this particular case…. People need to have online reporting to a central agency that has manpower to investigate multiple complaints.

    That will keep the chiefs and town supervisors from ignoring complaints. We need something to help the victims.

  21. colo43 says

    I do not have any kind words for these perps, This lady did nothing wrong and i hope to God, she wins every penny of what shes asking. Then i would set my sites on the idiot that put her thru all of this.

  22. Kristina D says

    How is it that this LT gets any payout??? Earned and Unionized are not the same concept. Is this veteran lieutenant worth it to the taxpayers of Suffolk county to pay his medical expenses and his hefty pension? He upheld his laws and his cronies indiscretions under a guise of to ‘SERVE & PROTECT.” My question is who was he doing this for?

  23. travis says

    Robert Iberger, or my uncle bobby did absolutely nothing wrong in this case at all. He was not with the officers who mistreated this woman after he stopped her from what he saw she shouldn’t be doing. There is a sign that says no photography. I’m not a big fan of police myself b.c I know they aren’t to truthful but my uncle is a very honest man. When he stopped her, he was just doing his job. He asked for her papers and to stay where she is and HAD to report back that she was taking pictures of the airport. Then went back to her asked to see her camera and memory card which he confiscated and gave to the sheriff upon arrival. He saw she had box of ammunition in the back seat which he then asked her to step out to search the vehicle and that’s when the ither officers took over. He was then told he could leave and he left the scene to end duty and return home to take care of my grandma, or his mother. My uncle bobby (Robert iberger) did nothing wrong. He was only doing his job. I am very upset though of how the other officers treated this woman which he told me about also. but I would really appreciate if all of you would stop saying my uncle is the “villain” here and a “s.o.b” or “shouldn’t get a pension” and disrespecting my family from false reports of other officers because you do not like police. Well my uncle is my role model and the most honest person in my family that i know other than mt grandma. Thank you.

  24. M says

    @travis your uncle was off duty he should have minded his own business. The moment he told me I could NOT leave, I was officially under arrest! The moment he blocked my car, the moment he called other authorities claiming I was a terrorist….put me officially under arrest. HE, Iberger arrested me and now he wants out? The car is a two seat car, there IS not back seat. Get your facts straight. I live in the same home about 37 years…he knows the population and Iberger very well knew I was just a soccer mom, and would never harm anyone. Iberger screwed up big time and now he is looking for a way out. He should have used coomon sence!!! Iberger was looking for headlines plain and simple!


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