Southampton Town Board Names New Town Attorney

Tiffany Scarlato Southampton Town Board Names New Town Attorney

The Southampton Town Board has named Tiffany Scarlato, 36, to fill the position of Town Attorney left vacant by Michael C. Sordi’s controversial departure. She has served more than nine years in the East Hampton town attorney’s office, where in her words, she was recently “let go” for personal and political reasons. We’ll see if she can clean up the mess left behind in the Nancy Genovese case.

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  1. That county must not have a militia group because if it did, those ‘Boss Hog’ cops would be getting their asses handed to them.

  2. Patrick Jack says:

    The cops, [police e-mail addresses redacted by admin-google it if you want it], that charged her with “terrorism” knowingly provided FALSE information on terrorism and THAT is a FELONY violation of the USA Patriot Act.

    3,000 Americans and others died in the World Trade Center attacks, and these cops SPIT on all of them with their FALSE CHARGES of TERRORISM.

    These cops should be put in Guantanamo Bay and water-boarded daily.

  3. “One thing I could never stand was dirty cops,…” Congratulations, Wes, you are a rare breed. Now I know there are a lot of good cops out there, My Nephew was won of them, but there are also more crooked ones out there than people think and this is why we need citizen cameras. Thank You for being an honest officer.

    It seems to me that a lot of this incident could of been caught on camera, since the officer(s) according to the article forced her to stand in front of it. Of course, what happened in jail, etc. may not be.

    I’m with the swordsman on the money issue. Sometimes we have people who worship at the officers feet no matter what the truth. Even if the officer voluntarily admits to handling a matter crookedly (which is unlikely to happen). And cops are human beings, too, like the rest of us they make honest mistakes.

    It seems like this case should go to Mrs. G

    • Patrick says:

      Most of the time when a person is arrested the weapon will say what type it and also the serial number. The money is counted on the hood of the car in plain site of the camera to show exactly how much is there and to protect the police officer, the police department and the individual. The money was evidence since they were arresting her and should have been collected and tagged that way the same way the rifle would be. Yes there is lot’s of great cops that go to work each day with respect for the badge they wear and I am proud of each and every one of them. For those that tarnish that badge I have more respect for the criminal that gets up and says that he did it and now give me my punishment. Many cops have died while standing behind that badge to disgrace it as so many do these days !

  4. Being a former law enforcement agent, this story makes me sick! One thing I could never stand was dirty cops. She needs to be compensated for the humility they put her through and they need to clean that ENTIRE DEPARTMENT OUT from top to bottom! PERIOD! Because if no one has the balls to stand up in that department and defend that woman, then none of them need to be police officers.

    • Patrick says:

      Wes you say you was in law enforcement. I have no idea if you was in a federal. state, county, city or local law enforcement . How much corruption did you see in the position that you were in ?

  5. denise parsons says:

    Every person involved in this bullshit attack on her should be fired. Period.

    • Patrick says:

      You know that would never happen. They are protected by the blue line where no one will speak and they all stick together with the same lies. Good cops are faced with being the one that is a rat and talk about the other’s and be forced to give up their careers in law enforcement. Do you really want to go into a situation with a person covering your back that thinks you are a rat ? That woman was treated in a way that no prisoner should have been treated and the Lt. should not have been able to retire because he would be facing being fired and losing all of his benefits. There are so many cops today that tarnish what shined so bright on every cops chest and they don’t care. Since when do male cops sit there and watch a woman disrobe and gawk at her like fresh meat. Where was a female cop to watch over her ? she was handcuffed to a bed when even the doctor ask them to turn away. Where was she going to go ? Her rights were violated in so many ways. She should have lawsuits against the city, the department. the Lt, the officer’s that were gawking at her, the jailer who refused her medical care. I personally hope that she bankrupts this town and they are made an example of her civil rights and she takes a big portion of the Lt’s pension. I hope they froze his assets so he can’t hide the money.

  6. Swordsman says:

    Good grief people! I don’t understand where the idea that Keith Wright is a Southhampton officer came from (did I miss that in the reports?). Still, it seems that Keith is asking a specious question about where the money is coming from. The buck stops at the voters’ and citizens’ pockets and it certainly should make them think seriously about their electorate and “protectorate”in the township.

    Generally, I tend to agree about the extreme amounts asked and awarded in lawsuits being absurd, but the life-changing events faced by this woman — and her sons — make me feel that she is due every penny she is seeking. The only thing that galls me is the amount that will probably be taken off the top by the legal team. Still, if they win her a judgment and make it stick, they’re probably worth 1/4 – 1/3 of the judgent amount.

  7. SalSal Gamboni drank the bong water says:

    Wow, all they could afford is a lawyer from Jersey Shores?

  8. Keith, you are a douchebag. Now get back to patrolling Southhampton with the rest of the goons on the force. I hope they give ger triple damages so the citizens of Southhampton get a wakeup call on the consequences of electing idiots to their town government.

  9. Locomotive Breath says:

    The cops are probably members of unions that will ensure no punishment is ever meted out. Another argument against public sector unions.

  10. Keith Wright says:

    Richard, why don’t you apologize to her and send some of your tax dollars. You are just as guilty as some of the people in the town.

  11. Keith Wright says:

    The pure ignorance is people who thinking suing for some exorbitant sum is morally right. Just shows how some people’s thinking is so skewed.

    • Nobody Important says:

      What’s Pathetic is that you think that it’s not in this case.

      Fourth Amendment rights were violated (Even though she asserted them)
      It remains to be seen that her Fifth Amendment ones were/were not.
      Sixth Amendment rights were violated.
      And Eighth Amendment rights were violated.

      70 million’s probably too small- and the police officers in question should be fired and facing Color of Law charges.

      Your commentary also shows just how skewed people’s thinking has gotten.

  12. Boy would I love to be the judge on this one. There’d be a lot of idiots going broke and spending a lot of time in jail.

    Maybe they could sell their families into slavery to pay the bill.

    I wonder if their defense will be male PMS!

  13. Hey Keith – The people of Southampton need to pay attention of what is happening…

    I agree with Kate – “the town of southampton owes you way more than 70 million.”

    Eeryone on that town and county need to apologized to her AND her sons “face to face”.

    It should start with you and ALL the officers((?) involved with her arrest plus the poeple in the jail area. !!!!

  14. Kathy Smith says:

    Really Keith? I think your statement is the most ignorant thing I have heard. This woman was treated very badly and the town staff violated many laws, and I agree, $70 million is way too low for such wrongdoing. Sure, the tax payers of the town will pay, and that is a good thing. Maybe they can get off their collective butts, toss out a city council that continues to make bad decisions, fire the police chief and his bigoted staff, and start remembering this small thing called civil liberties and civil rights. Your statement is pure ignorance…

    • Don’t forget that the county police department and the County Sheriffs Office, though law enforcement agencies, are two seperate entities. The County Sheriff is an elected Constitutional officer who is responsible to the citizens but not to either the county commission or the town council. The county police department is a statutory creation that IS responsible to the county commission. Municipal police departments are statutory creations who are responsible to town or city councils and to the mayor of the municipality.

  15. Keith Wright says:

    Kate, that is one of the most ignorant statements I have ever read. Do you realize who actually pays the 70 million? Pure ignorance…

  16. Kate Wynn says:

    to nancy, god bless and good luck. the town of southampton owes you way more than 70 million.

  17. I’m sorry… she holding up bathing suits? Ummm….A lot to be said about using this picture. Just saying lilb…

  18. Josh Davis says:

    Nah, it’s cheaper to pony up $70 million than to show where all the budget money really goes.

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