Copyright Infringement – What Constitutes Fair Use?

fair use

         There are few issues more controversial, divisive, and misunderstood at the moment than the scope of the fair use doctrine as a defense to copyright infringement. Let’s take a look at exactly what “fair use” means, and under what circumstances using someone else’s material constitutes fair use.          The defense to […]

United States Seizes Domains Linked to Copyright Infringement


The United States has launched a major initiative to combat copyright infringement on the internet, seizing dozens of website domains accused of trafficking in counterfeit goods and illegal file sharing. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Division of the Department of Homeland Security was recently authorized to seize the domains of several torrent and download sites […]

Sarah Palin & Harper Collins Win First Round in Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

civil litigation

  The following is the latest decision issued by Judge Thomas P. Griesa in the copyright litigation case of HarperCollins v. Gawker Media LLC, 10 Civ. 8782 (TPG), SDNY, issued on November 22, 2010. OPINION Plaintiff, HarperCollins Publishers L.L.C., is a publishing company holding exclusive rights to publish, reproduce, and distribute America By Heart, a book authored […]

Copyright Infringement – How To Recover Damages When Someone Steals Your Intellectual Property


Discovering Copyright Infringement Often photographers, authors, software designers and musicians post their intellectual property on the Internet, only to discover shortly thereafter that someone copied their intellectual property and is either using it for personal benefit, or is selling it to others without the creator’s permission.  As a copyright owner, you have the right to […]