Two Simple Steps to Protect Your Photos From Being Stolen on the Internet


I see the same scenario all the time. A photographer posts some of their best pictures on their website, facebook, or Flickr. Several months later, they open a magazine and see their photo used in an ad, find their photo for sale as a poster on a website, or find their photo elsewhere on the […]

Is It Legal to Photograph or Videotape Police?


The ACLU wants you to know that you have every right to photograph or videotape that police officer, and reinforce that “Taking photographs and video of things that are plainly visible in public spaces is a constitutional right – and that includes the outside of federal buildings, as well as transportation facilities, and police and other […]

Copyright Infringement – How To Recover Damages When Someone Steals Your Intellectual Property


Discovering Copyright Infringement Often photographers, authors, software designers and musicians post their intellectual property on the Internet, only to discover shortly thereafter that someone copied their intellectual property and is either using it for personal benefit, or is selling it to others without the creator’s permission.  As a copyright owner, you have the right to […]