Updates on the Nancy Genovese Case…


Many people have been asking for case updates, and quite frankly, nothing exciting has happened yet. The case is proceeding, and there are no major developments. Here’s some procedural updates:

 The Southampton Town Attorney is no longer handling the case. The town hired the law firm of Devitt, Spellman and Barrett LLP, a very well-known and prominent commercial defense law firm, to represent the Town of Southampton and Robert Iberger.

 All discovery has been ordered to be complete by March 16, 2012, All dispositive motions filed by March 30, 2012,  and a pre-trial conference is scheduled for April 27, 2012. If discovery stays on track and there are no settlements, a trial should be scheduled for this summer.


  1. james burrell says

    Seems to me the judge shouldnt have handed back the the judgement. If the attorney in charge was a professional, his staff (of wich most towns have an attorney and two to three parralegals) it should have been handled. If a “normal” person had a death in the family they would still had been held responsable for the legal responce,why not this town? This whole issue sounds as though there is a bunch of idiots in offices making money of tax payers and being bullies….well i will never go to that town.

    • charlee says

      Roger that ! looks like the cops are not the only idiots in that town! LOL I hope because those town council folks called her suit ” frivolous” thay give her double the default judgment! Tell them this hurts for a reason! It will teach you to do your job and to watch out who you hire !!!

      • mel says

        I know! I couldnt believe my ears when they said “frivolous lawsuit” my gosh, talk about “covering your ass!” Protect your people from your shady ass police dept! All they have to do is read the story of they’re squirrely police dept! That poor woman, cant even take a town picture! Why have the display up if you cant take a picture?! Its like they were sitting there waiting for someone to do that before they pounced on them, which is exactly what happened! That one lawyer on the board and that councilman should be the only ones on that board, get rid of the rest of them! I feel sorry for the people that live in that town…. I would never, ever live there!

    • mel says

      AMEN! James Burrell! I’ll NEVER go there either, I’ll even by-pass if I would have to drive thru. God forbid anyone get a ticket in that town, sounds like it would be so twisted they’d probably end up in prison! WOW, do I see a lifetime movie in the makin for the future of this town!

  2. Donnelle says

    I’d see about getting that high profiles female attorney in L.A……can’t think of her name right off! And I hope you get every penny your asking for,and more!!!! This is BS,I’d get their jobs,too!!!

    • says

      Gloria Allred is her name…Amber Frey’s laywer in the Scott Pederson murder case…she would take care of this lady…I hope she gets everything she wants as you said….UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • dani says

        but she probably wouldnt take the case….she’s VERY LEFT!! and this isnt high profile enough for her.

        • Bruce Kaufman says

          Dani, she may lean to the left politically but she is a strong advocate for women, whether right or left. We have no idea whether Nancy is either left or right when it comes to her political views. Also, Gloria Allerd handles many cases whether high profile or not. THIS case should be a high-profile case…..an American’s constitutional rights were violated by those who were hired & vowed to uphold the laws of this land.

          • fed up says

            seriously doubt Nancy is a libtard! after what they were calling her! I WOULD CONSIDER HER A PATRIOT!

            • Rulke55 says

              You seem to think there is no such things as grey areas, funny that. I don’t judge a person by assumptions on political ideologies if I can. If anything you’re insult shows you yourself have no right to get self-righteous about this since you seem to have bias here.

    • Gloria Granell says

      A simular case happened to me In Monterey Park, Ca in 2010, I filed a theft reports against Donald Wesley Helms aka Don Helms, from norfolk, va, Hollywood, Fl he commited theft of my personal belongings,identitytheft and phone interecepting on my home and two cells phones he disarmed my alarm systems, he sells security s

  3. Josh says

    If there were ever a reason why I wouldn’t move to Long Island, this is it. Reports of over-reaching inspectors and police who abuse and falsely accuse the normal tax paying citizens, and ignore real crime, mean that there is no rule of law there. We enjoy the ocean and thought about moving to LI, but I’m a gun owner, and although Suffolk County is relatively the most tolerant of Second Amendment rights in the area, it’s obviously not up to par. I hope Mrs. Genovese gets her whole $70 million.

  4. says

    This is just outrageous. And that was BEFORE NDAA. Both the sherrif and under sherrif should be fired and all other personnel who were present for any of this should be reprimanded at the very least. I’m interested in what was injected into her arm and why.

    • K Doty says

      I have known Nancy for a few yrs and i support her period.. they abused mistreated her lied and now are trying to pass it off. time to dig into there ass;s hold all accountable who took part in her abuse and then some..I hope she wins and those bastards are marked and can NEVER hold that type of title or position ever again.. and get some prison time for all the lies under oath…

    • mel says

      Me too Sue, she had everyright to know what they were putting into her body. Big Government at its best! Fired everyone and put people in office that will work for the people and not themselves and they’re big ass paychecks! Please update us on what they put in her arm. Sounds like a frickin Sci-Fi movie! Unbelievable that this is happening in America…

      • mary says

        mel -this is happening in america. all over america.
        it happened to me in the western united states.
        not as bad as what she went through, but I still get shaky thinking about it. still don’t know why I was searched, interrogated, my car searched by 4 policemen at night for no reason. my teenager thinks they didn’t like my old car or bumpersticker that promoted giving more of our tax money to education, not wars. I was coming back from church and the police maligned me for that, for my old car, repeatedly called me a druggie and liar in front of my teen and made sexual innuendo’s ( I am a single mom believer in Christ Jesus and my homeschooled child had NEVER heard a man speak to me like that until these policemen). I was kept out in the freezing cold for over an hour – shaking and afraid for my life and my teenager’s safety from the treatment by these ‘officers of the peace’.
        I was heartbroken and shaken beyond belief. Given tix for out of state lic. and plates. Then 2 weeks later stopped by 2 more policmen given the same tix – I showed them I was already ticketed and in process of appealing as I was an out of state college student and thus within my rights to have out of state plates. they STILL gave me the second set of tix. After 2 months of diligence and $400 got the tix dismissed and came to court to dispute second set of tix and policeman(that had been the most vituperative and verbally cruel) showed up took me to a room closed the door and said I had to take the points and pay the fine, that he’d already talked to the judge and if I didn’t take the points on my (perfectly flawless) license that I’d get double the points and $800 fine. Well, I’m a single mom. I would’ve had to borrow that money, so I took the points. But as I opened my cell phone to call a friend for advice, the policeman grabbed it out of my hands and said’ no calls’. I got it back after I accepted his terms.
        I still shake thinking of that 6 months of fear.
        what has happened to our country?
        do you remember when most hardworking people lived by the golden rule?

        my heart and prayers go out to nancy and her family. I am so sorry these policemen stole her children’s tuition money and her life and health for a while. I pray that both are returned.

        • Rich says

          I’ve had a similar experience out here in California. The cops stupidly beat me up in front of TV cameras at a public meeting after they received a false report from a parolee and a guy who they and the State of California had just raided for running an illegal rental home car repair and spray paint business. You can see it all on YouTube including my Federal Lawsuit against them. YouTube = Sewer Soon City

  5. Bob Shepard says

    Excessive use of force … in New York? Say it ain’t so!!! Yes, that was my best attempt at sarcasm considering the situation. This entire matter stinks to high heaven and all of the officers/agents involved should be ashamed of themselves. If we aren’t careful, our own police departments are going to turn into an occupation force to “keep us all in line”!!! Instead of so much money, why not ask for the immediate firing of ALL involved with the addendum that they NEVER work in law enforcement again. It is crystal clear that they can not be trusted!!!

    • David Castelli says

      @ Bob Shepard: You hit the nail on the head! Public Officials are to hold the Public’s trust, and that is to be a position where you are to be honorable, in order to be honored.

      Nothing burns a bad taste in my mouth to call a judge “Your Honor,” only to find out that such a person of high reputation and power has been anything but honorable…

      The same goes with all of these yahooo’s that have heaped one lie and aspersion after another on top of this person to cover their lies, bullying, and excessive use of power/force/attitude/self-righteousness/stupidity/arrogance, etc.

      What I want to know is, WHERE is the DashCam video of all this? With this item being an essential investigative tool that virtually every police car in America possesses these days, I will bet dollars against doughnuts that some equally-fabricated story will appear like:

      A) Sorry, that DashCam was not working that day…
      B) IT was working, but something happened to the tape…
      C) Our internal review was inconclusive, so we destroyed it…
      D) Tape? What Tape?! Did anyone say anything about video tape?
      E) Well, yeah, there’s a tape, but it does not tell the rest of the story…
      F) Well, here it is (After heavy editing, and the original SOURCE tape goes missing)

      Speaking of Tape, I listened to the City Council’s discussion about the lawyer for the city in this incident, and it was spoken out clearly by one of the Council members that the Federal Lawsuit brought by Ms. Genovese was a “We know this is Frivolous Lawsuit,” when speaking dismissively at first about the nature of the matter at hand.

      The arrogance and self-righteous attitude of these people seems to know no bounds.

      Also, as a professional photographer, USAF military veteran, and so-called interests in national security and all, there is absolutely NOTHING this dear lady did that was wrong in any size, shape or form.

      I have visited Beale AFB in central California in the mid-1980’s when the highly-classified SR-71 Blackbird was still operational at that time. People like myself all parked on access roads outside of the base, and took pictures as one of the Blackbirds practiced “touch and go” (practice approach, landings and take-off/missed approach training flights) maneuvers.

      The SP (Security Police) patrolled the perimeter of the base INSIDE the security fence, and the signs on the fence (which are customary at ALL military bases of any service warned about trespassing, and being subject to search, by authority of the base commander.

      Yet, at no time did was there any signs posted on the road prohibiting stopping, parking, or taking of photographs.

      In the same light, I do not know of any comments declared in what has been reported thus far, which prohibited stopping, parking or taking photographs of a static aircraft display at an airport.

      Nor have I heard of any ordinances written and put into law declaring that any of Ms. Genovese’s actions were illegal or constitute any sort of “terrorist act.”

      From all accounts of what I read, and this is how I would investigate all of this (I do legal and investigative photography part time as needed, and have done so for over 30 years), is to look into what sort of relationship the city, or some particular member of the city governmental structure knew Ms. Genovese, and if there was a particular motive involved as an act of retribution or retaliation against her.

      It is overtly obvious that all parties involved went beyond extreme and reasonable measures to “make an example” of Ms. Genovese, or to “send a message” by the manner in which she was treated and handled.

      My gut tells me that this place has more of a “Peyton Place” mentality that needs to be exposed for what it is. This is the stuff that 60 minutes and whatever Federal authorities can be called in to investigate this independently and objectively.

      If my assertions are even partially correct, there is at least deliberate and unethical abuse of power/authority in this, and at the very most, criminally abusive actions that were intentionally leveled at Ms. Genovese to cause her harm with a vengeance.

      I hope that someone will take my comments seriously, and look deeper into why she was treated with such heinous behavior by sworn and oath-driven officials that are mandated to uphold the law in a proper and ethical manner.

      Such behavior belies the public trust they were sworn to uphold and protect, especially Ms. Genovese.

      Nancy, I wish you well, and that God grant you justice in this manner abundantly above what you have asked for. I will be praying for you!

      • Christina Heisler says

        I see if you click on the google map link it shows the helicopter is gone. You need to go to street view.

      • capt fred says

        I agree with all you said DAVID , you are right it seams there more to the story then what was told, they have a problem with Ms,Genovese, someone got it in for her, and a full investigation by outside law enforcement, to get too the bottom of it.

    • Cpt Will says

      I learned about Suffolk County police abuse 4 years ago when a relative was put through the wringer pretty much like this story. The cops steal, manufacture stories and cruely torture their arrestees. Prosecutors are complicit and judges seem to rubber stamp these ficticious tales.

      Hospitalization often includes mental health holds for anyone who denies guilt, stands up for themselves, demand their rights and accuses the cops of brutal treatment. The result is being tossed into solitary on a mental hold. All of this (and much more) happened to my relative. It took a $10,000. retainer before the NYC attorney would finally get her out of the Suffolk County fiasco that the cops and prosecutors created out of pure venality.

      She was exonerated, released having been denied medication for the 2 weeks it took. She had traveled to a specialized neurological hospital in the area for treatment and never received it. She returned home to be hospitalized. Several months later she passed and I don’t know to this day whether she could have been saved had she not run into the Suffolk County criminal law enforcement system. Yes, I know them for what they have done and I’ll wager that such stories are commonplace.

  6. William Baranowski says

    The lady should write a book and a movie should be made about this outrageous incident.

    A perfect “Jodie Foster” vehicle and I’m NOT kidding.


    I haven’t read all the comments here, but if it hasn’t been said already, everyone of those bastards should be sued independently of the $70,000.000. suite for violating her constitutional rights. That is a major violation and has great punitive awards as well. Some of which are long jail sentences along with high monetary awards. Everyone should be fired for violating her constitutional rights and other Federal laws as well as the state laws and local police protocol. Then the officer who deliberately lied and kept her from the Doctor ordered medical treatment should also be charged with corruption too. There is no end to what they can be charged with. I’m expecting everything I said here to come to bear conclusion. That means all these charges and then some should be found guilty with the maximum sentence allowed by law. Also “to set an example”, as the officer said. Also, I hope no one takes retribution against their families or of the person. It’s not worth breaking the law to do it. But I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did.

    • Melissa Vaccaro says

      I agree Jeffrey, I would love to see each on of these bastards pay out of their own pockets Hope she get her $70,000.000 and those dirty bastards spend some time in jail. Lets see how they get treated by the prisoners . Maybe they will know how humiliated she felt. Oh and lets not forget when the prisoners beat their asses lets not give medical attention for days. That would be justice.

  8. anita dugas says

    Yeah this is all thanks ot the patriot act and other things put in place to take away our rights. Everyone better wake up and see this could happen to any of us American citizens and we better (if it’s not too late) try to vote in the only one who is talking about this very thing, which is our constitution and our rights being done away with…please vote for the only anti establishment choice running and it is not the one that is in the oval office now, nor the other one the mainstream media is pushing…rather it is the one they basically ignore and when they do speak of him they belittle him, call him names and ridicule him…..that should make everyone understand what is going on !!! Make this story go viral and we better ALL support Nancy and ALL the other Nancys, before we ALL become Nancys !!!

  9. dj says

    I think these “law enforcement officers”
    Should be arrested and given life sentences in prison with no chance of parole or being kept in protective isolation!!

    • Melissa Vaccaro says

      Screw the protective isolation. They deserve whatever they get. Let them see how humiliating it is to be put in Jail and pushed around. Prisoners do not like dirty cops. Karma would kick their asses

  10. Danette says

    Why is it that ridiculous left, Gloria Allred who touts herself as a protector of women’s rights is never there when it is a conservative woman who needs defense?

    • Eddy says

      I don’t think Ms. Genovese is in need of a defense, the charges were dropped and as the plaintiff in the lawsuit, she has hired her own lawyers.

    • Shanon says

      Why is it that ridiculous people think that making ridiculous comments about the left think that they are doing anything but keeping the divisions that keeps us all on the losing side of history alive? For Christs sake quit being so easily manipulated to judgment and hate and band together or get used to stories like this and worse. Or do you think you should get some handcuffs and teach all those lefties and 99ers a lesson they wont forget? Why should anyone even have to tell you this?

  11. StopNDAA says

    Thank your Government propaganda officer Napolitano. If you see something, say something. Under NDAA she would be at Guantanamo Bay right now. We are no different then Nazi Germany now.

  12. chuck says

    This is a fine example of why we should stand up to our government they are just people like us nothing more we voted these people in office incompetent of there sworn duties dumb asses most of them probably couldn’t pass a GED test and we stand by and let people like this run our cities and our country and I say again OUR COUNTRY we have to stand up for our freedom before there is none we have to stop letting these fascists dictate us this is Americastate officials of our government remember that when you go to work

  13. steve w says

    This sounds like a Hate Crime to me. Only this time, it was the police and town officials who have commited it.

  14. Ruth Kuhn says

    Makes me wonder what kind of crime was going on in the town while resources, time and man power were spent finding out they have one officer who went beyond the scope of his duties and blew things way out of the scope of reality. Then they just kept compounding their problems with no intent to just back off and say oops my bad. Good grief.

  15. Vil says

    I hope that she has her day in court and wins in this case. That said, I believe that she’s going to be made an example and can look forward to many years in prison. Welcome to the land of the free.

  16. rhonda scott says

    That woman needs to not only sue each & every Dept. there, but each & every person! Everyone involved is culpable & should be held accountable! PERIOD… & make sure there is a change of venue for her case! If it was me, I can honestly say I would be physically hurting every person that had touched me or laughed or did not stop the fools!!!

  17. Private Citizen says

    If the system fails you. change the system. for me, had she been my wife, some deputies and cops would have been in the scope of my rifle and this story would be reading differently. this crap is happening all over the country. its time for the III% to rise up and have the third american revolution

  18. kootzie says

    I claim you as my witness.
    I claim the law of the flag of the correct sentence structure communications parse grammar.
    Godspeed be with you Peace Officer. How may I assist the Peace Officer?
    By what authority do you speak to me? Are you operating under your oath ?
    Am I under investigation for a breach of the peace ? What is the breach of the peace?
    Don’t you think you better get on your radio and ask your petminder if he is willing to incur the liabilities of incursion onto a foreign jurisdiction ?
    only ask questions… keep demanding their authority, raising the question of liability

    given that fascism is entering its end-game down in the land of the home, free of the brave, all of these subtleties will be beyond the attitude/comprehension of the knuckle-dragging-thug-stormtroopers… best if you don’t make yourself easy prey

  19. Kalif Ornian says

    It’s a shame that the idiots in the police service, weren’t tending to more pressing family issues, when this happened, then the residents of America, wouldn’t have had to pay 3 times for this. Once, for all the costs of all the police staff that got involved all the way, two for all the costs of bringing this to court, and three for all the costs it’s going to cost, when the town pays out. Personally, I think the police officer, should be charged, because he clearly was motivated more by his own opinions rather than the facts he found at the scene. This is not police work, this is obsessive power-mad megalomania at work

  20. vassar lee triplett says

    It is my sincerest the that the officers in question be be tried for THEIR crimes. This is an outrage!

  21. Tom Taylor says

    I have a sense since the law was passed that has to do with terrorism, that agencies have been taking advantage of it and doing dumpa$$ stuff. I hope there is some way to sue the cops that treated this woman the way they did. A message needs to be sent. And the sheriff of that town needs to be fired for cause for not having better control over his department.

  22. Tim Shey says

    This story should be on every social network in the United States. I hope someone writes a magazine article or a book and then a movie should be made. Boycott Southampton.

  23. John says

    It seems to me that the real criminals here are the police. They committed multiple felonies. They stole money, and unlawful restraint. That cop should personnally pay out of his own pocket. Why should the tax payers pay for his ignorance.

  24. bill says

    Read Murray Rothbard’s Anatomy of the State. This will give you a good idea why you should support peace and not support government of any kind at all. Go to lewrockwell.com and mises.org —support Ron Paul! The State is growing and destroying everything that is beautiful in life: freedom, love, peace, free exchange, spirituality/religion, genuine progress, private property rights, right to privacy, etc. This list is obviously endless. Free your mind by giving yourself a real education. The kind of life we have depends largely on our beliefs and how we live them.

  25. Dave says

    Why were none of those bastards in the police dept charged with any crimes, fired, sent to jail and relieved of their pensions? They could have been charged with malicious prosecution, civil rights violation, due process, perjury, false police reports theft/robbery of $5,000- and likely many more! I hope she is able to go after them in a civil suit! I hope she gets every penny and interest!
    If you like big government you will likely be seeing more of this from our finest!
    I would like to hear if there is any settlement!

  26. Terry Shan says

    I would like to hear updates as well. I have not seen anything on this for a long time. What is the disposition of it?

  27. Kristina D says

    Mrs Genovese suffered extreme & unusual punishment at the hands of these mothertuckers with guns/badges. If I was with her, I would have taken the beating they inflicted on her. I wish her well and her family and moving forward with their lives.

  28. John says

    Looks like they are going to try to drag it out as long as possible.

    I think I’d be hitting them up for interest too….like those “loans” from the Indian reservations…if they want to make a battle of it.

    There is getting to be a LONG list of people abused in this country.
    Some not as spectacular as Hope Steffey, but this one is right up there.

  29. John says

    Well we’re into 2014….so are they STILL dragging this out!??!?

    I hope she is hitting them with all the legal interest she can on the settlement….

  30. Rich says

    Update! Is discovery complete? Were there depositions, disclosures, interogotories, etc? Has a Judge ordered a settlement conference yet?

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